Between Ko-hum & So-hum – Chetana Sudame

DATE – Saturday, 14th to Sunday 22nd January, 2017
TIME – 10.30 AM to 7 PM

Originally from Nagpur, Chetana Sudame now lives in Pune. She has a number of solo and group shows in India and UK to her credit and her work is in private collections in India and abroad.

The artist has tried to reproduce her thoughts and feelings about herselfby using on acrylics on canvas and oil pastels on paper to createabstract forms. The search for herself and her identity vacillates between the echoes of Ko-hum (who am I) and So-hum (I know who I am) and cannot be expressed in traditional shapes and forms. Strongly influenced by Madhubani art earlier, Chetana moves towards pastel shades in this series.

Nityaasha Foundation