A View From Within – Exhibiting Art by Maitreya Yeshwant

DATE – Thursday, 5thto 10thTuesday, January
TIME – 10.30 AM to 7 PM

What drove Maitreya, a student of IIT Kharagpur to drop out of college and pursue music as a career? A surge of passion, which entranced and led him to the canvas. His vivid paintings are a result of his intense sense of self-awareness, and according to him, a creation of the divine. He says, “The joy that you get when you are not thinking, when you’re beyond the realms of the mind and are surprised by the divine pouring itself onto the canvas is inexpressible.”



Musician and painter, Maitreya expresses himself on canvas and sometimes, on handmade paper using powder colours, oils, acrylic and a wide variety of mixed media. His surfaces are large and dramatic, emoting internal energies.


Nityaasha Foundation