Freedom Way

A Festival - Celebrating Self Expression through the arts

Pune’s Premier Cultural centre celebrates Literature and the Arts giving you a month of heady excitement and creative pleasure.

4th to 30th
January 2017

  • Book Discussion, Book Launch, Storytelling
  • Play readings, Premier of play by Gyaan Adab players, Jazz, Pop/Folk, Sufi, Classical Dance
  • Ghazals & Shayari
  • Clay, Water colours, Collage for children, Murals




Visual arts & Guerrilla Art

Visual arts - A substantial visual arts line-up which is a featured part of Pune Biennale 2017, inspired by the theme ‘Identity & Self’, with shared shows by new and established artists, group shows by young emerging artists, and an exhibition of ‘inclusive art’ from schools and centres for special education. In all we will be featuring 27 artists and nearly 100 works by students from schools in Pune. Highlights here are artists and student-artists who have been specially mentored as part of Gyaan Adab’s on-going Arts Mentorship Programme.

Guerrilla Art - Surprise happenings of art in performance, conceived, developed and produced by Gyaan Adab

The literary offerings

This includes a book launch, discussions, readings and storytelling. Highlights here include a writer who has been specially mentored as part of Gyaan Adab’s on-going Literary Mentorship Programme.

Theatre section

In the theatre section, we premier Breaking Free, a hard hitting original play in English presented by The Gyaan Adab Players, a newly established theatre company solely dedicated to writing, performing and producing original plays.

Art workshops

Art workshops featuring sessions in clay work, water colours, art for children, mural making and a host of other activities

Music events

Young blood enlivens our music events with exciting new vocalists and musicians performing their own compositions.


Documentary film screenings


An exclusive event in Urdu
Festival Merchandise

A special section created by Gyaan Adab to make available to visitors festival related contemporary and traditional merchandise.

The region of Kutch in North Gujarat is alive with a rich tradition of performing and visual arts and handicraft. The work on display has been sourced from individual master craftsmen and families settled in various parts of the region.

Gyaan Adab’s director, Mr. Randhir Khare, who has had a long relationship with the crafts persons of Kutch, made a special visit to the region and personally met the craftsmen. He sourced the items on display directly from those who created them.

On the wings of a Dragon Fly I take off and fly – A line of Handcrafted ceramic table ware by Veena Chandran are also on display.

Team Gyaan Adab has curated the display.

View more craft items

Gyaan Adab is Pune’s Premier Cultural Centre which hosts a wide range of events  showcasing literature and the arts. Since we opened our doors three years ago, we have had the distinction of creating nearly 500 unique programmes and events that have established our presence in the city of Pune as a leading cultural centre for recreation and creative innovation where the established and the new find a space to showcase their talent.

Through our visual arts programme we have shown 40 new and established artists working in different mediums, conducted numerous workshops and encouraged art education as an extension of our exhibitions and community art events. Our performing arts programme has hosted numerous plays, dance and music performances and our literary programmes have showcased the best of English, Urdu, Hindi and Marathi poetry and fiction. Nurturing new talent in the arts has been a significant part of our programming with an emphasis on literary and visual arts mentorship.

In December 2015, Gyaan Adab hosted JOURNEYS, a festival of the arts, which brought together a unique blend of visual, performance and literary arts from across the country, meeting popular and discerning tastes.

To assert our commitment to fostering new creative talent and showcasing new offerings from established names in our city and the western region, Gyaan Adab is delighted to announce a festival - FREEDOM WAY Celebrating Self Expression Through The Arts, from January 4th to 30th, 2017.

  • This festival will emphatically herald powerful new talent and path-breaking work in literature, fine arts and performing arts in order to reach out to new audiences in the city.
  • We firmly believe that literature and the arts have the ability to forge bridges of understanding, set free wellsprings of hope and reveal a world of possibilities.
  • The arts liberate us and offer us new ways of relating to ourselves and the world around us.
  • All the events and programmes have been specially curated to ensure that they are fresh, vibrant, stimulating, entertaining and thought-provoking – something there for everyone, spanning an entire month alive with art exhibitions, music, theatre and literature.

Freedom way - Festival Merchandise

available at the venue

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