Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing Workshop

Author Gouri Dange helps people find their 'writerly' voice
Author Gouri Dange helps people find their ‘writerly’ voice

– by Gouri Dange

Celebrated author Gouri Dange’s workshop at Gyaan Adab was attended by about 30 budding writers. The day long fiction and non-fiction writing workshop involved creative thinking, honing the craft of writing and had participants sharing their stories and their journey as writers.

“As usual, Gyaan Adab organized a very useful workshop on creative writing. Writer Gouri Dange’s style was very interesting and simple to understand.”
– Vijaya Tecksingani

“I was looking on looking on how to get started and I got some useful and very doable techniques. It was a fine balance between writing in small chunks and theory.”
– Bindiya Mirchandani

“The workshop/session was informative. I learnt for the first time what it takes to be a writer.”
– Sunil D. Gawde

“It was extremely useful as to how to build a body of work. It comes across as a jigsaw of ideas put together to form a mental picture of various kinds of life.”
– Atusha Irani


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