(Art Review :: Volume 10)

art-review-10-1Shaun McNifftells us, “Artistic discoveries emerge from the process of creating, often in the most unexpected ways. If we want the insights and new connections, we have to stay active. Practice without goals, in every sphere of creative activity, may reveal our deepest purpose. Many teachers and distinguished artists maintain that enjoyment may be the single most key to effective practice. Enjoyment keeps the overall momentum of the process moving; as so many artists advise, follow your instincts about what you feel you have to do, and let other people make their determinations about how they perceive its value.

As Kurt Vonnegut said, “To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.

The artists showing their work in this exhibition have demonstrated a dedication to their work, a respect for their own creativity and a strong determination to move forward as artists.

There are many challenges that often stop people expanding as artists; other people opinions, cultural expectations, salability of work. These individuals, Ishita, Patanjali, Sam and Sameer, all show a determination to develop as artists and overcome personal struggles and professional challenges.

The motivation of each artist may be similar but how they perform as artists differs, and the work varies a great deal – from subtle calm strokes to vibrant textures, from realistic scenes to total abstraction. The exhibition gives us an insight into how artists work, and think, and how differently they explore their creative imagination.
As this is the second showing of this group Emerge, we are given an unusual insight and view point to see how the artists have developed their themes; Street scenes, the Elements, Mindful brush strokes and Playground.

Through this exhibition we are witness not only to the development of style and technique of these emerging artists but also the ongoing journey each one is exploring through their individual creative imagination.

I am an art educationalist and also an art therapist, so it has been a treat for me to see the dedication and growth of these artists. Also I have witnessed how their art does actually support them through their ups and downs of living in today’s demanding world.
Everyone has the ability to be creative but it takes strength and determination to decide to be an artist and stay with that decision.

I congratulate the artists and thank Gyaan Adab for their support.

Susan Bullough Khare

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