Ek Baar Ki Baat Hain

Gyaan Adab

In association with

Jashn – e – Qalam


Ek Baar Ki Baat Hain


The evening saw two of the most prolific solo theatrical performances of Hindi Literature at Gyaan Adab. On a windy and overcast Saturday, quite a few regulars as well as loads of new faces were ushered into GA for Jashn-e-Qalam’s performance – Ek Baar Ki Baat Hai. Theatre and screen actors KC Shankar and Vicky Ahuja performed two stories by Harishankar Parsai and PAtras Bokhari. Their performances in Hindi were surreal and enthralled the audiences to no end

Date: Saturday, 18th August

Time: 6.30 PM

Donation pass: Rs. 200

Nityaasha Foundation