Cineplay- Sometimes

23rd July, 2015

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“Original and witty…a laugh riot…a memorable treat.” (The Hindu, Bangalore)

This month’s second Cineplay had much to offer for the youth-oriented crowd, as Adhir Bhatt and Bobby Nagra’s Sometimes went underway here at the Centre.

Paramjit Singh Duggal aka Pammi aka Doggie aka Parmeetay has problems bigger than his pet names. His mother wants grandchildren. His father wants him to join the family business. His boss wants way too much and pays too little. His girlfriend wants love, a concept he is not too familiar with. But he has his friends. And top class weed. And an affinity for whiskey. And a night-life that would put Batman to shame. And because of all this, he has very little time.

Hussain Dalal and Adhaar Khurana shined in their respective roles. The difference in views and attitudes between traditional minded elders and modernistic youngsters  creating a generation gap, ending in  a tragedy,  was well brought out.


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