Cineplay – Bombay Talkies


Scene from Vickram Kapadia’s Bombay Talkies
Scene from Vickram Kapadia’s Bombay Talkies

Despite the unexpected showers, Vickram Kapadia’s Bombay Talkies drew a decent number people to Gyaan Adab to engage with the unusual experience of a cineplay.
Bombay Talkies, attempts to capture the essence of people living in Mumbai, through eight characters that have been strung together in a series of monologues. It is a collage of nostalgic, happy, frustrated, suppressed, angry and hopeful soliloquies, as characters from various walks of life narrate their stories to the audiences.  The complexity, of the narrative lies in how the characters map out their relationships, consciously and unconsciously fuelling the production with insights into their immensely developed identities.


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