Chacha Chakkan Ke Karnamey

Gyaan Adab, under its initiative Guldasta-e-Urdu presented Chacha Chakkan Ke Karnamey. This was an event that remembered the humorous character created by author Imtiaz Ali Taj. The evening was presented by Nasima Merchant, Vijaya Tecksingani and Namita ‘Prakash’.

The evening began by Nasima Merchant introducing the character Chacha Chakkan who was created by Imtiaz Ali Taj (1900-1970). Soon after, we jumped right the stories of Chacha Chakkan, where the character true humour shines. Namita ‘Prakash’ performed an engaging reading of ‘Chacha Chakkan Sabke Liya Kele Kharide’. This humourous account brought to light the funny, sly and yet likeable characteristics of Chacha Chakkan that many of the uninitiated enjoyed.

Chacha Chakkan Ke Karnamey – Watch it here!

This was followed by Vijaya Tecksingani’s reading of ‘Chacha Chakkan Ne Khat Likha’. Finally, the program came to a close with a viewing of ‘Chacha Chakkan ne Dhoban ko Kapde Diye’.

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