On the 17th of July, Sunita Shetty presented the book The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates in this month’s session of the Book Club. 

In a book heralded for making a bold claim; when we lift up women, we lift up humanity, Melinda Gates seeks to present her various encounters with women she’s met who’ve only proved this hypothesis. 

A personal statement of passionate conviction, this book tells of Gates’ journey from a partner working behind the scenes to one of the world’s foremost advocates for women, driven by the belief that no one should be excluded, all lives have equal value, and gender equity is the lever that lifts everything.

The book proves that when women rise, they bring their families and communities with them, leading to a greater development for all. Melinda uses her own life’s journey to talk about her humanitarian work and social research, which culminates is the feminist call for equality.After presenting a brief summary of the book, Sunity Shetty went on to discuss the content and the context of its creation, linking back to the parallels Mrs. Gates draws to herself and her life in her search of gender equality.

The audience were drawn into the discussion, many speaking about the societal pressures women face, and the need for change.

Nityaasha Foundation