Bhopal Diaries, A World Within Four Walls

29th April 2016, Friday





Bhopal Diaries: Bindu, a naive immigrant woman in Bhopal makes mobile videos of herself talking about everyday incidents and sends it to her husband Mohan – a soldier, away on duty protecting the nation’s borders. She’s a survivor of the horrific 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy and as a consequence suffers from chronic chest pains. Despite it all, she maintains a positive outlook and tries to project a happy image. But her joyous facade will collapse soon in the face of a greater tragedy that awaits them.

A World Within Four Walls: Human beings are fame hungry by nature, but sometime fame can perturb someone, disturbing the personal life and hindering privacy. Perhaps Siddiqa Parveen, the elder daughter of a daily wage earner will be happier than being the world’s tallest living woman if she is not suffering from tremendous agony that pituitary macroadenoma gifted her. Siddiqa’s faith on Allah, her humanity, her innate womanly affection towards her nephew and her exasperated view of life enthused the director to make this film.


Archana Borhade is a director and cinematographer. She worked at Wipro Technologies as a SAP consultant for 2 years before making a career shift to filmmaking in late 2007. She worked on several prestigious Bollywood films, ranging from low budget indie Aamir to big budget blockbuster, My Name Is Khan. Currently, she has a web series, two short films and an independent feature film under development.

Patdeep Chaudhuri is a professional documentary film director and writer. He resides in West Bengal. Patdeep has made five documentaries so far that have been screened all over the country and bagged several awards. At present, his project for two feature length documentaries are going on. ‘A World Within Four Walls’ is his fourth documentary film.

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