Prashant Sinha presented A Streetcar Named Desire

Gyaan Adab


Between The Lines


In this month’s edition of Between The Lines, we had Prashant Sinha take us through an hour-long presentation where he deconstructed and explained various details of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

“What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it’s curved like a road through mountains.”
― Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire is Williams’ most popular play, is considered among the finest plays of the 20th century, and is considered by many to be Williams’ greatest work. It still ranks among his most performed plays, and has inspired many adaptations in other forms, notably producing a critically acclaimed film that was released in 1951.

A Streetcar Named Desire opened on Broadway on December 3, 1947.The play dramatises the life of Blanche DuBois, a southern belle who, after encountering a series of personal losses, leaves her aristocratic background seeking refuge with her sister and brother-in-law in a dilapidated New Orleans tenement.

“I don’t want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic! I try to give that to people. I misrepresent things to them. I don’t tell the truth, I tell what ought to be the truth. And it that’s sinful, then let me be damned for it!”
― Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

Between The Lines is part of an on-going series in which works of literary importance are put under a magnifying glass.

DATE: Friday, 7th Dec
TIME: 5.30 PM


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