Art Review :: Volume 16 THE SEA WITHIN

(Art Review :: Volume 16   THE SEA WITHIN)

This series, is a collection of work around the vibrant magic of the sea. I have always been fascinated by the sea. In fact, my fondest memories are of hanging out on the beach and playing in the sand. It’s lovely what the sea can teach. It is so alive, wild and yet so disciplined. The waves dash against the rocks, the sun throws colours across the sky and the wind brushes your face with sound effects. Very dramatic and entertaining. A fascinating space. And if you listen carefully you might even hear yourself.
Life underwater is so tranquil. It evokes all sorts of possibilities and mysteries. The forms of life underwater are very inspiring and it is lovely to see how a jelly fish dances, reflecting light from other fish, the little puffer-fish creates mandalas under water and the mighty whale swishes around like he owns the sea.
Water colours and ink help in making my art illusory and yet real with a life of its own. I resonate with the transparency of water colors and the textures I can create with ink. I find it fun, exuberating and very empowering. Some of the hues are intense while others are subtle and soft.
When I paint I feel connected to gateways that lead me to spaces within my own self. Art is meant to make you feel something which leaves your mind addicted to newness and fresh perspectives. What you cannot say through words you can express through art, some of the best art being an act of play– it is the one space where you can be yourself and feel truly alive.
-Salika Virji

Nityaasha Foundation