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Day & DateTitleOther Details
10/10/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Review Arthur Miller's The Crucible by Snober Sataravala.
03/10/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Review presentation of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit
02/10/2021 Sunday The Gyaanpedia Presentation Review of The Art of Deception by Robert Dsouza
26/09/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Review The Ivory Throne by Manu Pillai. Presenter Shanti Menon
25/09/2021 Saturday GyaanAdab Hindi Divas program 2 Review Kavita Yatra presented by Kanchan Tripathi & Sudha Upadhyay
19/09/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review India in the Persianate Age
by Richard M Eato
18/09/2021 Saturday Gyaan Pedia Review of Flights of Fancy
12/09/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review of The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles
11/09/2021 Saturday Hindi Divas Review of Hindi Divas Ek Mulakat Dr Mira Kant Ke Saath
04/09/2021 Saturday Saptasoor Classical Music Review of GyanAdab Saptasoor Classical Music Event
29/08/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review Beginning of the Infinity
22/08/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review & recording of One love and many lives by C.P. Surendran
21/08/2021 Sunday Gyaanpedia Recording of Magnificent Tigers of India.
15/08/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review Exits and Entrances Cafe Alibaba and Other Plays by Satish Khot
14/08/2021 Sunday Guldasta - E Urdu Revisiting the immortal film by Kamal Amrohi "Pakeezah"
08/08/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review of The Silent Film
07/08/2021 Sunday Guldasta -E- Urdu Review of Haman Hai Ishq Mastana Featuring Shruthi Veena Vishwanath
01/08/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review of Play Look Back in Anger by John Osborne
25/07/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review of the Novel Sophie's Choice by William Styron.
18/07/2021 Sunday Being Good Enough Review of the discussion of Mohini Khot with Rohini Paranjpe Sathe
17/07/2021 Saturday A Celestial Affair Featuring Prof. Mujtaba Lokhandwala
10/07/2021 Saturday Romance of the Indian Railways Featuring Apurva Bahadur
04/07/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review The Mountains Sing by Nguyen Phan Que Mai
27/06/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie
26/06/2021 Saturday Guldasta - E- Urdu Review of Remembering Kaifi Azmi
20/06/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review My Year Abroad by Chang-rae Lee
13/06/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review Samskara: A Rite for a Dead Man by U R Ananthamurthy
06/06/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune 1Q84. by Haruki Murakami Presented by Sheena Shahani
05/06/2021 Sunday Guldasta -E- Urdu = Tribute Tum Ko na Bhul Payenge Tribute to Vijaya Teksinghani and Shamshad Takidar
08/03/2021 Sunday Womens Day Special Bazm-E- Shayiraat Womens Day Special also available on Youtube link
25/01/2021 Monday  Chacha Chakkan Ke Karnamey Featuring Nasima Merchant, Vijaya Tecksingani and Namita 'Prakash'
09/01/2021 Tuesday  Celebrating the Sufi Poet - Amir Khusrow Featuring Smita Bellur and Suhail Akhtar Warsi
21/12/2020 Monday Shri Ali Sardar Jafri: An Urdu Poet of Progressive Thought PadmaPresented by Nasima Merchant, Kanchan Tripathi and Dr. Mumtaz Peerbhoy
28/11/2020 Saturday The Immortal Music of Madan Mohan Curated by Naseema and Farook Merchant
09/11/2020 Monday Andaaz-e-Bayaan Aur An evening dedicated to poet and writer - Mumtaz Peerbhoy
24/10/2020 Saturday Kavi Kalam Aur Hum In association with Neerja Kreations
12/10/2020 Monday A Tribute: Ahmad Faraz Facilitated by Nasima Merchant and Ruksana Jamadar
26/09/2020 Saturday Shruthi and Laya A musical evening featuring Madhursmitha Chakravarty, Lavanya Madhavan and Hari Iyer
19/09/2020 Saturday Meri Bhasha ke Log In associaion with Kshitij Infotainment and directed by Sanjay Bharadwaj
14/09/2020 Saturday Hindi Diwas Featuring Gyanesh Tripathi, Namitha 'Prakash' and Nasima Merchant
24/08/2020 Sunday A Guldasta-e-Urdu initiative Firaq Gorakhpuri: A Poet of Pain and Ecstasy
23/08/2020 Sunday Book Club Pune A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende was discussed
16/08/2020 Sunday Book Club Pune Of Swans and Songs by Rohini Paranjpe was discussed
10/08/2020 Monday Shamma-e-Ghazal In association with Neerja Kreations
03/08/2020 Monday Faiz Ahmed Faiz: The Legend Commemorating Faiz's literature
27/07/2020 Monday Dancing with Jogis A celebration of mystic music
13/07/2020 Monday Premchand Ek Hastakshar Celebrating the works of Munshi Premchand
22/06/2020 Monday Ek Mehfil Sukoon Bhare Nagmo Ke Naam An online music performance by Dr. Salil Latay
08/06/2020 Monday Guldasta-e-Urdu Tribute to Padma Shri Mujtaba Hussain
18/05/2020 Monday Gyaan Adab returns with an Online Mushaira First ever Online Mushaira
12/03/2020 Thursday Khawateen ka Mushaira Performances by an all female line-up
08/03/2020 Sunday International Women's Day with The Storytellers Celebrating women through stories
29/02/2020 Saturday Ujale ke Musahib An oral storytelling performance based on the work of Vijaydan Detha
27/02/2020 Thursday Guldasta-e-Urdu An evening of Romantic Shayari
14/02/2020 Friday Valentine's Day with the Anti-Rape Squad The Anti-Rape Squad performs, 'A Rapist in Your Path'
9/02/2020 Sunday The Storytellers Club Tales of Adventure, Journey and Travel
30/01/2020 Thursday Guldasta-e-Urdu An evening of original Hindustani storytelling
29/01/2020 Wednesday Between the Lines Discussing Jane Eyre with Mohini Khot
12/01/2020 Sunday The Storytellers Club Tales of transformation and celebration with the Storytellers
21/12/2019 Saturday The Heroine's Journey SWAP at The Heroine's Journey
21/12/2019 Saturday The Heroine's Journey re:ACT: The conclusion to The Heroine's Journey
20/12/2019 Friday The Heroine's Journey re:WRITE: A panel discussion
18/12/2019 Wednesday The Heroine's Journey Original Poetry by New Writers
18/12/2019 Wednesday The Heroine's Journey A discussion about The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
18/12/2019 Wednesday The Heroine's Journey re:FRAME Visual Exhibition Inauguration
15/12/2019 Sunday The Heroine's Journey Community Outreach Programme with Gyaan Ruchi
15/12/2019 Sunday The Heroine's Journey The Storytellers discuss Witches, Vamps and Wayward Women
14/12/2019 Friday The Heroine's Journey Children's Outreach Programme
24/11/2019 Sunday Salon Featuring original music by singer-songwriter, Deepak Peace
26/11/2019 Friday Hindustani Tyohar Urdu Shayaree Mein Guldasta-e-Urdu presents an evening of Urdu poetry which celebrate Hindu festivals
15/11/2019 Friday Horror Noir A screening of vintage horror films
18/10/2019 Friday Parting with Words   A dramatic reading of poetry dealing with parting and death by TACT
16/10/2019 Wednesday Between the Lines A discussion about A House for Mr. Biswas by V. S. Naipaul led by Prashant Sinha
13/10/2019 Sunday The Storytellers Club Part of MANHITA, the Storytellers comfort with tales of healing
13/10/2019 Sunday SWAP Yard Sale a Yard Sale under the programming for Manhita
12/10/2019 Saturday Kabutar Ja Ja Ja in association with Natak Company
09/10/2019 Wednesday Happier and Healthier A talk for women under the programming for MANHITA
02/10/2019 Wednesday Young Players Theatre Workshop The concluding play of the workshop, When a Hero Comes Along
26/09/2019 Thursday Guldasta-e-Urdu Kuch Yaadein, Kuch Baatein Khayyam Ki
21/09/2019 Saturday Maja Produced by Gyaan Adab Players
21/09/2019 Saturday Captain Coconut and the Case of the Missing Bananas A play for children put up by the Gillo Theatre Repertory
30/08/2019 Friday Guldastan-E-Urdu's Qawwali ka Safar Tracing the roots of Qawwali to the modern-day
14/08/2019 Wednesday

Between the Lines

Analyzing Antigone with Suhaile Azavedo
11/08/2019 Sunday

The Storytellers Club


The Storytellers meet to discuss tales of Renewal and Rebirth
09/08/2019 Friday

Kya Aapne Anime Manga?

An interactive session with Sangram Sadhale about anime and manga
03/08/2019 Saturday Friendship Day Art Workshop  A crafty day out with your best friend at Gyaan Adab
31/07/2019 Wednesday Between the Lines A discussion about John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"
26/07/2019 Friday Yaadon ki Baaraat A celebration of the music of Mohammad Rafi
14/07/2019 Sunday  The Storytellers An evening with the Story tellers
13/07/2019 Saturday  A Doubtful Gaze At Uber At Midnight A Play by Natak Company 
29/06/2019 Tuesday  Skylight Film Festival A bunch of short film screening
23/06/2019 Tuesday  Chacha Chakkan Ne Tasvir Tangi A play reading with our Strands  Guldasta-e-Urdu
19/06/2019 Wednesday  Celebrating Girish Karnard Remembering Girish Karnard
23/06/2019 Sunday  Waari An Evening with Maharashtrian Folk Songs
16/06/2019 Sunday  Dekho Magar Pyaar Se A solo play depicting Masculinity
15/06/2019 Saturday  Adab Experience Weekend Two Weekends with a diverse range of workshops
08/06/2019 Saturday  Launch of the Community Arts Programme Bringing the community together
25/04/2019 Saturday  Guldasta-e-Urdu An evening of Urdu poetry in Indian cinema 
18/04/2019 Thursday  Children's Book Club Twelve-year old Jahnavi and her nine-year old brother Jayant were the presenters
17/04/2019 Wednesday  Between the Lines Celebrating the Bard's birthday
20/04/2019 Saturday  Phad Painting Workshop In association with Heart for Art
10/04/2019 Wednesday  Between The Lines Celebrating the Bard's birthday
06/04/2019 Saturday  Aahil The launch of Aahil by Rahgir - the traveling bard
14/03/2019 Thursday  The Children's Book Club The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell was discussed
28/02/2019 Thursday  Guldasta-e-Urdu Celebrating the works of Faiz Ahmed Faiz
23/02/2019 Saturday  The Magic of One - Finale A series of solo plays by our budding actors
09/02/2019 Saturday  Caught in the Crosshairs Written by Sahya Samson
06/02/2019 Wednesday  Between the Lines Equus by Peter Shaffer was discussed
02/02/2019 Saturday  Letters A dramatic reading of remarkable letters
24/01/2019 Thursday  Children's Book Club Witches by Roald Dahl was discussed
18/01/2019 Friday  When Seeing is Believing The launch of Bina Sarkar's book of poems
09/01/2019 Wednesday  Between the Lines Chitra Sreedharan discussed the works of Andal
22/12/2018 Saturday  Park In association with Pushkar Rangmanch
21/12/2018 Friday  Cafe Alibaba A play by Satish Khot
18/12/2018 Tuesday  Andaaz-e-Bayaan Aur The launch of Andaaz-e-Bayan Aur
09/12/2018 Sunday  For the Love of Jazz Celebrating the life and times of Thelonious Monk
08/12/2018 Saturday  What's age got to do with it? The launch of Feisty at Fifty by Sudha Menon
07/12/2018 Friday  Between The Lines Prashant Sinha presented A Streetcar Named Desire
01/12/2018 Saturday  Wo...Wo Jo Pyaar Hota Hain In association with Kashish Dramatics Group
25/11/2018 Sunday  Reaching for the Stars A Gyaan Adab initiative
22/11/2018 Thursday  The Children's Book Club Frindle by Andrew Clements was under discussion
17/11/2018 Saturday  Glass Painting Workshop In association with Artyfacts
25/10/2018 Thursday  Children's Book Club Discussed the Secret Garden
20/10/2018 Saturday  Sam N Muse Written and directed by Deepali Parmar
14/10/2018 Sunday  For The Love of Jazz Discussing the luminaries recognized and harnessed by Miles Davis
13/10/2018 Saturday  NDA at Gyaan Adab Rehearsals and production discussions
09/10/2018 Tuesday  Between The Lines Exploring and demystifying Macbeth
27/09/2018 Thursday  Guldasta-e-Urdu A brainstorming session with our Urdu patrons
28/09/2018 Friday  The Power of Five In association with Pune International Literary Festival
20/09/2018 Thursday  The Children's Book Club The book under discussion was The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.
15/09/2018 Saturday  Poetry Slam + PILF auditions In association with Bullock Cart Poetry
12/09/2018 Wednesday  Between The Lines Rediscovering Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello
09/09/2018 Sunday  For The Love of Jazz Jazzing with unusual instruments
08/09/2018 Saturday  Alfaaz-O-Nagma A collaboration between Dhriti Chatterjee and Shiladitya Roy
07/09/2018 Friday  A Voice From The Valley A reading by poet Huzaifa Pandit
18/08/2018 Saturday  Ek Baar Ki Baat Hain In association with Jashn-e-Qalam
17/08/2018 Friday  Eco-Friendly Sholapith Decoration Workshop In association with Heart for Art & Ecoexist
10/08/2018 Friday  Between U & Me The launch of Aparna Sharma's novel
08/08/2018 Wednesday  Between The Lines A presentation by Mohini Khot on Merchant of Venice
05/08/2018 Sunday  For The Love of Jazz - Jazz and the Indian Connection Presented by Ashwin Panemangalore
02/08/2018 Thursday  The Wrong Stripes A book reading of The Wrong Stripes by Arjun Rihan
28/07/2018 Saturday  Wo Jab Yaad Aaye Bahut Yaad Aaye An evening of ghazals featuring Sayen T Gupta
27/07/2018 Friday  Memory Land The launch of Randhir Khare's book of poems
19/07/2018 Thursday  The Children's Book Club Discussed “Ghosts” by Raina Telgemeier
18/07/2018 Wednesday  Between The Lines Discussed To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
14/07/2018 Saturday  Knife Painting Workshop facilitated by Reena Surana
08/07/2018 Sunday  For The Love of Jazz Facilitated by Kishore Rao
07/07/2018 Saturday  Anamika A Kathak recital by SKILS, founded by Shruti Patki
30/6/2018 Saturday  The Dream That Changed The World- Finale Don't be afraid to dream because you had a nightmare!
23/6/2018 Saturday  Ankit Chadha Ki Yaad Mein In loving memory of the country's youngest Dastango
21/6/2018 Thursday  The Children's Book Club Discussed 'A Wrinkle In Time' by Madeline Engle
9/6/2018 Saturday  Firdausi Presenting Rahgir - the traveling bard
8/6/2018 Friday  My Daughter's Mum Reading and discussion of Natasha Badhwar's memoir
3/6/2018 Sunday  For The Love of Jazz Presenting the life and times of Benny Goodman
26/5/2018 Saturday  City Bakery Screening of a film directed by Alka Sadalkar
18/5/2018 Friday  A Life Well Lived Launch of Scanning The Horizon
11/5/2018 Friday  In Memorium In memory of Ankit Chadha
29/4/2018 Sunday  Kollage Choreographed by Aparna Gandhi
28/4/2018 Saturday  Bare Bones Written and directed by Kamlesh Acharya
21/4/2018 Saturday  Five Centuries of Spanish Guitar Music A classical guitar recital by Santanu Datta
18/4/2018 Wednesday  Between The Lines Archana Bhagwat discussed film adaptations of Jana Austen's novels
14/4/2018 Saturday  Shaam-e-Ghazal (Guldasta-e-Urdu) An evening of Ghazals
7/4/2018 Saturday  Akhilanjali A solo kathak recital by Priyanka Srikrishnan
5/4/2018 Thursday  Basant Bayar A Hindustani music recital by Astha Shukla
31/3/2018 Saturday  I Am Not Me, I Am We Artists unite!
30/3/2018 Friday  A Summer Interlude A guitar concert by Pune Guitar Society
24/3/2018 Saturday  Jashn-e-Khawateen An evening of Urdu poetry by women
21/3/2018 Wednesday  Between The Lines Presented by Chitra Sreedharan
16/3/2018 Friday  The Children's Book Club The club discussed Black Beauty
16/3/2018 Friday  Patio Theatre The premiere of a series of performances
10/3/2018 Saturday  Abhinaya Performed by Guru Prerana Deshpande
09/3/2018 Friday  Urmila A performance by Aparna Gandhi and Karishma Harlalka based on Pervin Saket's novel
07/3/2018 Wednesday  The Mad Hatters' Party Celebrating one year of the Party!
04/3/2018 Sunday  For The Love of Jazz A live performance of Jazz-influenced Bollywood songs
22/2/2018 Thursday  The Children's Book Club The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was discussed
21/2/2018 Wednesday  Between The Lines Presented by Varsha Ghate
14/2/2018 Wednesday  Glimpses of the Jaipur Literature Festival Presented by Mala Rihan
11/2/2018 Sunday  Ghalib- Ek Mukhtasar Mulakat (Guldasta-e-Urdu) Curated by Naseema Merchant
27/1/2018 Saturday  Beyond The Horizon Beyond Launch of Beyond The Horizon Beyond by Kala Ramesh
20/1/2018 Saturday  Strange Meetings Two electrifying plays by Gyaan Adab Players
13/1/2018 Saturday  Dharohar A semi-classical Hindustani music recital by Avantika Sinha and Urvashi Shah
10/1/2018 Wednesday  Between The Lines A session facilitated by Snober Irani Sataravala
10/1/2018 Wednesday  The Children's Book Club Discussed ‘Inside Out and Back Again’ by Thanhha Lai
9/1/2018 Tuesday  Flip Sides Presenting contrasting ideas by two poets
7/1/2018 Sunday  For The Love of Jazz Celebrating Art Blakey
20/12/2017 Wednesday  Between The Lines Celebrating great literature
16/12/2017 Saturday  Kavyasandhya In association with Gudasta-e-Urdu
16/12/2017 Saturday  Conversations Over Tea The launch of The Anaishola Chronicle by Leela Gour Broome
03/12/2017 Sunday  For The Love Of Jazz In association with Pune Jazz and Blues Club
02/12/2017 Saturday  Connecting Traditions In association with Pune Guitar Society
01/12/2017 Friday  Poetry Beyond Borders A beautiful blend of poetry and music
29/11/2017 Wednesday  The Mentorship Meet An evening of learning!
26/11/2017 Sunday  Dastaan-e-Aurat Performed by Chetan Shetty, Namita Kichlu, Prashant Katyayan and Akash Khandelwal
24/11/2017 Friday  Leaves of Life Discussing the book of IPS officer, Meeran Chadha Borwankar
22/11/2017 Wednesday  The Children's Book Club Wonder by RJ Palacio was discussed during this meet.
19/11/2017 Sunday  Poetry Beyond Borders The launch of Mountains of My Silence
17/11/2017 Friday  Global Citizen at Gyaan Adab A visit by the Fellows of Global Citizens
11/11/2017 Saturday  High Heels Performed by Rupali Godambe and Janhavi Pawar
10/11/2017 Friday  the Travel Writers' Club Poet, writer, folklorist Randhir Khare shared his experiences from his extensive travels
4 & 5/11/2017 Saturday and Sunday  If We Only Have Love A performance by The Chamber Singers
5/11/2017 Sunday  Pune Jazz & Blues Club Celebrating the music of Rahsaan Rolan Kirk 
1/11/2017 Wednesday  Design 14 A Kathak production by Anjali Patil & Company 
1/11/2017 Wednesday  Mad Hatters' Tea Party In association with The Red Door 
27/10/2017 Friday  The Travel Writers' Club Cultural traveler, Randhir Khare narrated his tales of travel across the hinterlands of India.
26/10/2017 Thursday  Andaaz-e-Bayaan Aur The launch of Dr. Mumtaz Peerbhoy's collection of Urdu poems 
25/10/2017 Wednesday  Book Club A discussion of Colour Me A Rainbow 
24/10/2017 Tuesday  ASEAN- Common Purpose  Gyaan Adab proudly hosted members of ASEAN- Common Purpose 
12/10/2017 Thursday  The Clown Who Knew Too Much Written and directed by Randhir Khare 
11/10/2017  Wednesday  Between The Lines Mohini Khot discussed Orwell's The Animal Farm
06/10/2017  Friday  Bridges of Change  The official launch of two books by Dr. Erach Bharucha
4/10/2017 Wednesday  The Clown Who Knew Too Much A Gyaan Adab Production
04/10/2017  Wednesday  The Mad Hatters' Tea Party Unveiling of Merchants of Madness
01/10/2017  Wednesday  For The Love of Jazz A presentation on the tenor saxophone players and a live band
28/09/2017  Thursday  Guldasta-e-Urdu Celebrating the life and times of Jan Nisar Akhtar
22/09/2017  Friday  Salon An evening of country, folk and independent music
20/09/2017  Wednesday  Between The Lines Explaining and exploring Hamlet
17/09/2017 Sunday  The Fairytale Project Finale One project done,many more to go
15/09/2017 Wednesday  Travel Writers' Club Travel enthusiasts shared their experiences in the mountains 
09/09/2017 Wednesday  Trance With Khusrow Trance With Khusrow by Zubaan
08/09/2017 Wednesday  Love Potions Introduced Leena Saldanha's book, 'Radha'
06/09/2017 Wednesday  The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Presented a short and gripping play
03/09/2017 Sunday  For The Love of Jazz Celebrating the work of John Coltrane
23/08/2017 Wednesday  Between The Lines Discussing Waiting For Godot
19/08/2017 Saturday  An Evening With Pune Guitar Society A recital of a bouquet of compositions from across the world
18/08/2017 Friday  Afsaane On occasion of Munshi Premchand's 137th birthday
11/08/2017 Friday  Travel Writers' Club- Shoestring Share and plan your shoestring travel
04/08/2017 Friday  Strange Meetings Two sizzling new plays by Gyaan Adab Players
05/08/2017 Saturday  Rolling In The New A set of short films by young film makers 
02/08/2017 Friday  The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party It's time to share, celebrate and be a child again
28/07/2017 Friday  An Evening of Supertraits Bollywood stars and their supertraits
21/07/2017 Friday  Documentary Screenings Two films: Aaye Kuch Abr & Berlin Tableau
15/07/2017 Saturday  Romancing Life Launch of the book The Romantic Girl
12/07/2017 Wednesday  Between The Lines Great Literature up close!
08/07/2017 Saturday  Ek Fanquar A recital, a conversation, a performance. 
07/07/2017 Wednesday    Travel Writers' Club Open mic on travelling
07/07/2017 Wednesday    Barse Badariya A shower of melody
05/07/2017 Wednesday    The Mad Hatter’s Party In association with The Red Door
30/06/2017 Friday    Save Gangamaya A documentary screening
24/06/2017 Saturday   Bends and Turns A book discussion  
23/06/2017 Friday    Salon Presenting Zane Rodrigues
16/06/2017 Friday   War and Literature Launch of Gyaan Kitaab's Latest Issue
11/06/2017 Sunday  For the Love of Jazz In association with Pune Jazz and Blues Club 
10/06/2017 Saturday  Guldasta-e-Urdu Live in concert with Dr.Salil Latay 
08/06/2017 Thursday   Travel Writers' Club A Gyaan Adab initiative 
07/06/2017 Wednesday  Mad Hatter's Party In association with The Red Door
03/06/2017 Saturday  Served with Love Book Launch and Discussion
27/05/2017 Saturday  A Matter of Time Book Launch
19/05/2017 Friday  Documentary Screening Zussamen Allein
13/05/2017 Saturday  Travel Day Special Bruce Chatwin Anniversary
06/05/2017 Saturday  Sehar Hone Tak Guldasta-e-Urdu
03/05/2017 Wednesday  Mad Hatter Tea Party By The Red Door
29/4/2017 Saturday  International Dance Day Curated by Gyaan Adab
28/4/2017 Friday  Music Malhar Yash Charitable Trust
27/4/2017 Thursday  Book Stories By Tara Books
22/4/2017 Thursday  Documentary Screening Alegria
19/4/2017 Wednesday  I Saw Myself  Stories, Poetry and Songs from the world of Shah Latif Bhitai
15/4/2017 Saturday  Guldasta-e-Urdu  Open Mic Night
07/4/2017 Friday  Marcus Corbett Ensemble A Fusion Performance
05/4/2017 Wednesday Mad Hatter's Party Organized by The Red Door
31/3/2017 Friday Documentary Screenings The Challenges of Change
25/3/2017 Saturday Guldasta-e-Urdu Darakshan Sitarein
21/3/2017 Tuesday Objectif Sport A photogrphy Exhibition
21/3/2017 Tuesday The Poetry Of Everyday Life In celebration of World Poetry Day
19/3/2017 Sunday Breaking Free @ Classic Rock Coffee Co.  PRESENTED BY GYAAN ADAB PLAYERS
18/3/2017 Saturday Dedh Inch Oopar A solo performance by Girish Pardeshi
11/3/2017 Saturday The Story Flute A live performance by Milind Date
05/3/2017 Sunday For the Love of Jazz A live performance by Roque Vaz and quintet
04/3/2017 Saturday The Last Bus A play by Samrat Rahi
01/3/2017 Wednesday Mad Hatter Tea Party Organized by The Red Door
25/2/2017 Saturday Taroof Sukhanvarane Urdu - Mushaira  Conducted by : Zia Bagpati & Vijaya Tecksingani
24/2/2017 Friday Documentary Screening - Lohit Diary  Filmmaker : Ramchandra P.N.
18/2/2017 Saturday New Blood Writers : R.B. Mage, Vandana Arora & Mahevash Shaikh
11/2/2017 Saturday Guldasta -e- Urdu presents Qubool Hai Performed by : Paarul Deshpande
10/2/2017 Friday Glimpses of Jaipur Literature Festival  Presenters : Sunita Shetty, Dr. Mohini Khot, Chetan Shetty & Satish Khot
8/2/2017 Wednesday An Evening With Gaya  Singer : Gaya | Guitarist :  Jared Tascho 
5/2/2017 Sunday For the Love of Jazz  Presented by : Ashwin Panemangalore
29/01/2017 Sunday Junoon Gargi Ghose 
27/01/2017 Friday Documentary Screening - Wapsi Filmmaker - Ajay Raina 
21/01/2017 Saturday Breaking Free  Directed By: Randhir Khare (Freedom Way)
15/1/2017 Sunday For The Love Of Jazz  Presented by : Ashwin Panemangalore (Freedom Way)
14/1/2017 Saturday Guldasta -e- Urdu presents Andaaz -e- Bayaan  Performers : Saaz (Freedom Way)
6/1/2017 Friday The Giving Self  Performers : Maneesha Nrityalaya (Freedom Way)
4/1/2017 Wednesday The Way We Are  Performers : Afterlight & Akashita Pravin (Freedom Way)  
23/12/2016 Friday  Documentary Screening - Khayal Darpan Filmmaker : Yousuf Saeed 
21/12/2016 Wednesday Peace Day  Performers : Maitreya Yeshwant, Alakananda Chatterjee, Nadia Sen Sharma & many more  
17/12/2016 Saturday  MYSTIC performs A New Way Performers : Deepak Bhanuse, Majid Aziz, Randhir Khare 
16/12/2016 Friday These Circuses That Sweep Through the Landscape   Author : Tejaswini Apte-Rahm  
10/12/2016 Saturday  Ismat Manto - Azad Mulzim  Performers : Girish Pardeshi & Aarti Tiwari  
9/12/2016 Friday Dance Your Way Thru’ Images Performers : Kala Ramesh, Vrushali Chitaley-Lele, Dhanashree Pandit, Shruti Subhash 
7/12/2016 Wednesday An Adventure Called Sampurna   Writer : Sampurna Chattarji 
4/12/2016 Sunday Unsung Heroes of the Old Hindi Film Song  Presented by : Ashwin Panemangalore 
3/12/2016 Saturday Straight from the Heart  Perfomers : Vineet Alurkar & Bhupal Limaye ; Thabor Walbeek
2/12/2016 Friday In the Face  Author : Sudipta Mukherjee  
26/11/2016 Saturday Pal do pal ka shayar  Presenters : Mumtaz Peerbhoy, Rashmi Sabale & Nitu Bajwa  
25/11/2016 Friday Rasan Piya  Filmmaker : Niharika Popli 
19/11/2016 Saturday A Literary Salon Of Daffodils, Lakes and Poets Presenters : Dr. Mohini Khot , Mr. Satish Khot 
16/11/2016 Wednesday Blowing in the Wind  Artists : Amit Khadikar, Easy Wanderlings
6/11/2016 Sunday Jazz from West to East Conducted by : Majid Aziz
22/10/2016 Saturday  La Fête du Cinéma d’Animation (Animation Film Festival) Presented by Alliance Française de Pune in association with the Institut Français
21/10/2016 Friday Stories of Joy  Curated by : Yogesh Jagam 
15/10/2016 Saturday Boltien Deewarein Vocals: Kavish Seth | Guitar : Kovid Sonawane 
7/10/2016 Friday  Poetry on Film  Director : Manish Gupta 
2/10/2016 Sunday  The Voice -An Amazing Instrument Conducted by : Prabhakar Mundkur
30/09/2016 Friday Soul Speak  Curated by : Randhir Khare
24/09/2016 Saturday  She Dared To Be Herself Curated by : Randhir Khare
23/09/2016 Friday  Modikhanyachya Don Goshti Directed by: Gouri Patwardhan
10/09/2016 Saturday Guldasta -E- Urdu Led by: Mumtaz Peerbhoy
09/09/2016 Friday  Becoming A Writer  Mentored by : Randhir Khare
04/09/2016 Sunday  For the Love of Jazz  Conducted by : Kiran Sirsat
27/08/2016 Saturday Mansha Ki Shaadi  Directors : Zameer Kamble & Dr. Padmakar Pandit
26/08/2016 Friday Documentary Screening Curated by: Yogesh Jagam
24/08/2016 Wednesday Take My Word   Conducted by : Chetan Shetty 
20/08/2016 Saturday The Paperboat Stories   Performed by : Hemant Baliwala  
19/08/2016 Friday Sagun Nirgun  Performed by : Shruthi Vishwanath
13/08/2016 Saturday Guldasta-e-Urdu  Led by: Mir Liyaqat
12/08/2016 Friday Poetry On Film Director: Manish Gupta
07/08/2016 Sunday A Tale Dark And Grimm Performed by: The Storytellers
07/08/2016 Sunday For the love of Jazz  Presented by : Mr. Shyamal
06/08/2016    Salon -Flying Shoe Singer : Omkar Potdar  
05/08/2016 Friday Feathered Friends Author: Sarita Dasgupta
30/07/2016 Saturday Perspectives On Life Curator: Pune Poetry Slam
23/07/2016 Saturday Red Kite Adventure  Author: Leela Broome
19/07/2016 Tuesday to 22/07/2016  Toasting the New  Curator: Latika Padgaokar
15/07/2016 Friday Poetry On Film Director: Manish Gupta
09/07/2016 Saturday Final Draft -
09/07/2016 Saturday Open Mic (Let's Talk About Nature) -
03/07/2016 Sunday For The Love Of Jazz -
02/07/2016 Saturday On The Road -
25/06/2016 Saturday Koogu -
24/06/2016 Friday Foresting Life -
18/06/2016 Saturday Waiting For Naseer -
11/06/2016 Saturday Sobaticha Karar -
4/06/2016 Saturday Coming Together -
27/05/2016 Friday Goonga Pehelwan -
21/05/2016 Saturday Robi Pronam -
20/05/2016 Friday  Take My Word! -
14/05/2016 Saturday Sangam -
07/05/2016 Saturday  The Tapi Project   -
06/05/2016 Friday Beyond Language -
02/05/2016 Monday Zikr Us Parivash Ka -
30/04/2016 Saturday The Living (Book Launch) -
29/04/2016 Friday Bhopal Diaries, A World Within Four Walls -
23/04/2016 Saturday ANJUMAN -
16/04/2016 Saturday Veils, Halos & Shackles -
15/04/2016 Friday Celebrating Kabir -
13/04/2016 Wednesday SALON (Easy Wanderlings) -
08/4/2016 Friday 'Dance on Film' (SPACE) -
03/4/2016 Sunday For the Love of Jazz -
26/3/2016 Saturday Sukhan  -
19/3/2016 Saturday Chocolate Fudge -
12/3/2016 Saturday In Her Own Words & Babai -
11/3/2016 Friday Open Mic -
5/3/2016 Saturday Parinati -
25/02/2016 Thursday Educational Tour by St. Agnes College, Mangalore -
20/02/16 Saturday Kashmir Through A Musical Lens -
13/02/16 Saturday Singing The Sea (MYSTIC)  -
12/02/16 Friday Companionship Carnival -
07/02/16 Sunday For the Love of Jazz  -
01/02/16 Monday The Magic of Ulysses -
13/01/16 Wednesday SALON -
8/1/16 Friday Kathak Charisma -
6/12/15 Sunday The Magic of A Flute (Journeys) -
6/12/15 Sunday A Hero's Journey (by SPACE) -
6/12/15 Sunday Rahi Pyaar Ke (Journeys) -
6/12/15 Sunday Wanderlust (Journeys) -
6/12/15 Sunday Poetry in Performance (Journeys) -
6/12/15 Sunday A Journey Through A Poet's Lens -
6/12/15 Sunday Travelling Chutneys (Journeys) -
5/12/15 Saturday Sounds of the Sufis (Journeys) -
5/12/15 Saturday Talking Theatre & Tea (Journeys) -
5/12/15 Saturday All That Jazz (Journeys) -
5/12/15 Saturday An Island Journey -
5/12/15 Saturday An Addict: A Life Recovered (Journeys) -
5/12/15 Saturday Writing with my feet (Journeys)  -
5/12/15 Saturday The Journey of a cartoonist -
4/12/15 Friday The Spirit of Journeys (Empty Cafe) -
4/12/15 Friday Cities and Beyond (Journeys) -
4/12/15 Friday Mumbai Local Travels by Mime'ers (Journeys) -
4/12/15 Friday Festival Inauguration (Journeys) -
20/11/15 Friday Talking Theatre & Tea -
7/11/15 Saturday Expressions -
5/11/15 Thursday Romance of the Ghazal -
1/11/15 Sunday For the love of Jazz -
31/10/15 Saturday Ek Bhikarin Ki Maut -
30/10/15 Friday Music of the Dusk and the Dark -
24/10/15 Saturday Blank Page -
17/10/15 Saturday The Spirit of Mumbai -
14/10/15 Wednesday Sarita Mishra- Odissi dance -
10/10/15 Saturday Damascus Nights -
9/10/15 Friday Open Mic -
8/10/15 Thursday Vanity Fair  -
4/10/15 Sunday For the love of jazz -
29/9/15 Tuesday Performance poetry by Aisling Fahey  -
11/9/15 Friday Open Mic -
6/9/15 Sunday For the love of Jazz -
3/9/15 Thursday Piccadilly Jim -
26/8/15 Wednesday Talking Theatre and Tea -
22/8/15 Saturday Raat, Chand Aur Gulzar   -
21/8/15 Friday Bhrigu Takes A Bow -
20/8/15 Thursday The Kite Runner -
13/8/15 Thursday Cineplay- The Job -
8/8/15 Saturday The many shades of love -
7/8/15 Friday Guitar Music from South America -
6/8/15 Thursday BCL- Revolutionary Road -
2/8/15 Sunday For the love of Jazz -
1/8/15 Saturday Seeking the Beloved -
31/7/15 Friday The World of Munshi Premchand -
29/7/15 Wednesday Into The Blue Beyond -
24/7/15 Friday- 25/7/15 Saturday Beyond the page -
23/7/15 Thursday Cineplay- Sometimes -
20/7/15 Monday The World in a Story -
16/7/15 Friday - 17/7/15 Saturday Malhar -
11/7/15 Saturday Broomrider's Book of the Dead -
9/7/15 Thursday Hasmukh Saab ki Washihat -
8/7/15 Wednesday Jism-e-Sukhan -
4/7/15 Saturday A Date with Alice -
28/6/15 Sunday Workshop at SKF -
20/6/15 Saturday Music with Ché  -
17/6/15 Wednesday In Search of Belonging  -
13/6/15 Saturday Celebrating Bloomsday  -
28/5/15 Thursday Cineplay- Between The Lines -
23/5/15 Saturday The World in a Story -
22/5/15 Friday Music Smiles – musical / karaoke programme -
16/5/15  Saturday Oka Boka Tiloka -
14/5/2015 Thursday CinePlay – Bombay Talkies -
9/5/2015 Saturday Remembering the Master -
23/4/15 Thursday CinePlay – Aadhe Adhure -
17/4/15 Friday Conversations with Artists - Panel Discussion -
9/4/15 Thursday Cineplay – Between the Lines -
11/4/15 Saturday Bhasha Kabhi Bandhati Nahin -
8/4/15 Wednesday Bazm-e-Shayri -
4/4/15 Saturday No Words to Say by Mime’Ers -
28/3/15 Saturday Mahesh Dattani at Gyaan Adab -
27/3/15 Friday CinePlay – Dance Like a Man -
22/3/15 Sunday The 13th Pune Poetry Slam -
21/3/15 Saturday ‘Fallen Standing’ by Reshma Valliappan -
18/3/15 Saturday Greater Elephant – A film screening -
14/3/15 Saturday Leaves from My Journal -
7/3/15 Saturday and 8/3/15 Sunday A Weekend of Theatre -
4/3/15 - Wednesday So you want to be published, huh? -
28/2/15 -Saturday Sharir-e-Khamma- An intimate music performance by Highway 61 – Alif -
17/2/15 - Tuesday Strangers on the Shore -
31/1/15 - Friday YATRA – A Journey Called Life -
22/1/15 - Thursday An Evening of Mystery and Terror -
14/1/15 - Wednesday Different Shades – A book launch -
8/1/15 - Thursday Gyaan Adab Anniversary -
7/1/15 - Wednesday Gyaan Ruchi Anniversary Celebrations -
27/12/14 - Saturday Mi...Ghalib -
20/12/14 - Sunday 1000 Cranes of Hope -
13/12/14 - Saturday Discovering Haiku -
10/12/14 - Wednesday HARMONY IN HARMONICA -
06/12/14 - Saturday Empty Café – Fusion-funk band -
30/11/14 - Sunday Cinema Mein Urdu Adab -
26/11/14 - Wednesday La Chapelle De Ronchamp – An Architect’s Perspective -
14/11/14 - Friday Children’s Day at Gyaan Ruchi, Tadiwala Road Centre -
1/11/14 - Saturday Poetry Slam -
31/10/14 - Friday Zara Amritacha - A Brook Called Amrita -
29/10/14 - Wednesday .hop.skip.jump -
18/10/14 - Saturday Gieve Patel - in his own words -
15/10/14 - Wednesday Book Launch - Kalidasa for the 21st Century Reader - By Mani Rao -
11/10/14 - Saturday Swarsudha Baithak -
10/10/14 - Friday Neeraj Aryaa's Kabir Cafe -
27/09/14 - Saturday Poetry Rock -
13/09/14 - Saturday Film Screening: Letter from an Unknown Woman -
30/08/14 - Saturday Fade into Red -
19/07/14 - Saturday to 28/08/14 - Thursday The Story Tour -
13/08/2014 - Wednesday Gharwali - Narration of Ismat Chughtai’s famous story ‘Gharwali’ Language: Urdu and English
30/07/2014 - Wednesday Earth Windows -  An evening with potters and pottery -
12/07/2014 - Saturday Words within Worlds -
31/05/2014 - Saturday The Last Adieu -
10 / 05 / 2014 - Saturday Gyan Adab celebrated Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s 153rd Birth Anniversary -
26 / 04 / 2014 - Saturday. Mishran by Tom Alter and Uday Chandra -
10 / 04 / 2014 - Thursday Sindhi - Story & Poetry Reading -
06 / 04 / 2014 - Sunday Book presentation & discussion by Sunita Shetty -
20/ 03 / 2014 - Thursday World story telling day celebration -at Yerwada Mohalla Library -
20/ 03 / 2014 - Thursday Story Telling session Language: English
15/ 03 / 2014 - Saturday Young Poets Society Language: English
8 / 3 / 2014 - Saturday The Meeting Of Worlds -
1 / 3 / 2014 - Saturday Tichya Aaichee Goshta Arthat Mazya Athavanincha Pahad
(Her mother’s story that is my memory)
22 / 02 / 2014 - Saturday Building Bridges -
16 / 02 / 2014 - Sunday The Fairer Side of the Epic -
07 / 02 / 2014 - Friday Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen -
31 / 1 / 2014 - Friday Highway 61 - Sufi Ethnic Rock Music -
29 / 1 / 2014 - Wednesday The Jaipur Literature Festival 2014 – Mohini and Satish’s take! -
18 / 1 / 2014 - Saturday A Flight of Arrows -
9 / 1 / 2014 - Thursday Inauguration -

Book Club Pune

Day & DateTitleOther Details
04/07/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review The Mountains Sing by Nguyen Phan Que Mai
27/06/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie
20/06/2021 Sunday Book Club Pune Review My Year Abroad by Chang-rae Lee
13/06/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Samskara A Rite for a Dead Man by Mr. U R Ananthamurthy
presented by Sreelata (Pakhi) Bhatia
06/06/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami Presented by Sheena Shahani
30/05/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Presented by Mohini Khot
23/05/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune The Brothers Karamazov Presented by Dr. Prashant Sinha
16/05/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Tamerlane by Justin Marozzi
09/05/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune James Wales: Artist and Antiquarian in the Time of Peshwa Sawai Madhavrao
02/05/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Singing in the Dark
25/04/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Shakespeares birthday celebration
18/04/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Apeirogon by Colum McCann
11/04/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune ‘Falling Walls’ & ‘In the City a Mirror Wandering’
28/03/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
21/03/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune The Poetry of Sylvia Plath
14/03/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart
07/03/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Mustche by H Hareesh  Presented by Shanti Menon
28/02/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga Presented by Sunanda Mehta
21/02/2021 Sunday   The Book Club Pune Jane Eyre  by  Charlotte Brontë Presented by Mohini Khot
14/02/2021 Sunday   The Book Club Pune   The Emigrants by W.G. SebaldPresented by Virginia  Naudé
07/02/2021 Sunday   The Book Club Pune   Gun Island by Amitav Ghosh Presented by Monali Chatterjee
31/01/2021 Sunday   The Book Club Pune   A promised Lamd By Barak Obama Presented by Abhay Vaidya  
24/01/2021 Sunday  The Book Club Pune Homegoing by  Yaa Gyasi Presentation by Runa Mukherjee
17/01/2021 Sunday  The Book Club Pune Lifespan by David A. Sinclair  Presentation by Sanjay Phadke
10/01/2021 Sunday  The Book Club Pune Six Degrees of Separation Written by John Guare Presentation by Ahmed Karim
03/01/2021 Sunday The Book Club Pune Milk Teeth by Amrita Mahale
27/12/2020 Sunday  The Book Club Pune Original Compositions by the members of the Book Club
20/12/2020 Sunday  The Book Club Pune Happiness Samurai by Manny Anchan  
13/12/2020 Sunday  The Book Club Pune "Lone Fox Dancing" Autobiography  of – Ruskin Bond Presented by Amitabh Jindal   
06/12/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune  Manto and the Dhoban" play written by Satish Khot Played by Chetan Shetty & Mohini Shetty
29/11/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune  Burnt Sugar / Girl in White Cotton by Avni Doshi was discussed
22/11/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune “An American Marriage” by ‘Tayari Jones’ was presented by Sunita Shetty
01/11/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune A Tale of Two Cities' by Charles Dickens was presented by Dr.Prashant Sinha
18/10/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune 'Clueless in Caliornia' By B.S.Prakash was discussed
11/10/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune 'Don't Tell the Governor' By Ravi Subramanian was discussed
05/10/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Lucky Boy By Shanthi Sekaran was discussed
27/09/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by author Yuval Noah Harari was presented by Abhay Vaidya
20/09/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune The 'Poems of Wordsworth' was discussed
13/09/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Genghis Khan: Life, Death & Resurrection by John Man was discussed
06/09/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez was discussed
30/08/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune 10 minutes 38 seconds in This Strange World by Elif Shafak was discussed
26/07/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order by Samuel P. Huttington
19/07/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Lord of the Flies was discussed
12/07/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Becoming by Michelle Obama was discussed
05/07/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune The Unbearable Lightness of Being was discussed
21/06/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune An Elephant Kissed My Window
17/05/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Mukul Ahmed presented stories from The Homeless in my Land
10/05/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune A storytelling performance by Chetan Shetty
03/05/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Chronicle of a Death Foretold was discussed
26/04/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Poems from the First World War were discussed
05/04/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi was discussed
29/03/2020 Sunday The Book Club Pune Discussed The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
17/07/2019 Sunday  The Book Club The Book Club Pune presents Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates
12/02/2020 Wednesday The Book Club A discussion about 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' and a performance by the student ensemble of St. Mira's College for Girls
22/01/2020 Wednesday The Book Club Satish Khot and Gautam Idnani present Karan Thapar's 'The Devil's Advocate: The Untold Story'
11/12/2019 Wednesday The Book Club Reading Amrita Pritam
14/09/2019 Saturday The Book Club In conversation with Sunanda Mehta
28/08/2019 Wednesday The Book Club Discussing A Wild Sheep's Chase and Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami
07/08/2019 Wednesday The Book Club Exploring Partition in literature with Saaz Aggarwal
20/03/2019 Wednesday  The Book Club The Rosary was presented by Kamlesh Bhasin
27/02/2019 Wednesday  The Book Club Works of O.Henry were discussed
24/10/2018 Wednesday  The Book Club Discussed ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine' by Gail Honeyman.
29/09/2018 Wednesday  The Book Club A Lit Quiz conducted by Mr. Chetan Shetty
29/08/2018 Wednesday  The Book Club The discussion was led by Lalitha Ravindran
25/07/2018 Wednesday  The Book Club Discussed A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
27/6/2018 Wednesday  The Book Club Gauri Athale presented Stephen Fry's Mythos
25/4/2018 Wednesday  The Book Club My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout was discussed
28/3/2018 Wednesday  The Book Club In conversation with authors from The Book Club
28/2/2018 Wednesday  The Book Club Presented by Ahmad Karim
31/1/2018 Wednesday  The Book Club Latika Padgaonkar presented Neel Mukherjee's 'State of Freedom'
13/12/2017 Wednesday  The Book Club Facilitated by Satish Khot and Gautam Idnani
27/09/2017  Wednesday  The Book Club The Book Club met to discuss The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
30/08/2017 Wednesday  The Book Club Discussing The Upstairs Wife

Art Exhibitions

Day & DateTitleOther Details
13/1/2018 Friday  Fedora- The Hat Project In association with Heart For Art
4/1/2018 Thursday  Window of change Showcasing the hand-made products by the women of Gyaan Ruchi
15/12/2017 Friday  Coiled Showcasing ceramic pottery by Priyanka Joshi
4/1/2018 Thursday  Streetwise Showcasing the work of Priya Dhoot and Atul Gendle
17/11/2017 Friday  When My Canvas Shrunk Miniature paintings by Hoshnar Kaikobad
04/11/2017 Saturday  Treasures of Old Pune Exhibiting the work of Anisha Kotibhaskaran and Pratik Patki
15/09/2017 Friday  Encrypted Dialogues A series of paintings by Vimmie Manoj
14/07/2017 Friday  Landscapes of My Mind A series of landscapes revealed through a play of colours
09/06/2017 Friday  The Collages of Jacques Prevert In association with Alliance Francaise
21/4/2017 Friday– 29/4/2017 Saturday  THE SILKY MOUNTAINS Artist : Manjusha Ganguly
7/4/2017 Friday– 17/4/2017 Monday  THE SEA WITHIN Artist : Salika Virji
23/1/2017 Monday – 29/1/2017 Sunday  Pune Biennale Week 4 (Freedom Way)
17/1/2017 Tuesday – 23/1/2017 Monday  Pune Biennale Week 3 (Freedom Way)
11/1/2017 Wednesday – 16/1/2017 Monday  Pune Biennale Week 2 (Freedom Way)
4/1/2017 Wednesday - 9/1/2017 Monday  Pune Biennale Week 1 (Freedom Way)
18/11/2016 Friday - 1/12/2016 Thursday  Illusions Artist : Ann Delorme
2/11/2016 Wednesday  Emerge Curated by : Susan Bullough Khare
14/10/2016 Friday - 21/09/2016 Monday  The Freedom of Green Artist : Chetana Sudame
30/9/2016 Friday - 06/10/2016 Thursday  Soul Journey Artist : Flavius Pisapia
16/09/2016 Friday - 25/09/2016 Sunday  The Art of Tenaz Rao Artist : Tenaz Rao
17/06/2016 Friday - 25/06/2016 Saturday  Visions & Voices -
29/04/2016 Friday - 14/05/2016 Saturday  The Journey Continues... -
02/04/2016 Saturday - 16/04/2016 Saturday  I CELEBRATE -
12/03/2016 Saturday - 25/03/2016 Friday  SOJOURN - Stories That Feet Tell -
27/02/2016 Saturday - 4/3/2016 Friday  Ghana - The Life of a Culture -
13/2/2016 Saturday- 20/2/2016 Saturday  Island Worlds -
16/1/2016 Saturday - 7/2/2016 Saturday Friday  The Art of Eric Weets -
3/1/2016 Sunday - 10/1/2016 Sunday  EMERGE -
4/12/2015 Friday - 10/12/2015 Thursday  Railfan Apurva Bahadur (Journeys) -
4/12/2015 Friday- 10/12/2015 Thursday  Landscapes by Atul Gendle (Journeys) -
4/12/2015 Friday- 10/12/2015 Thursday  Railway paintings by Bijay Biswal (Journeys) -
4/12/2015 Friday- 10/12/2015 Thursday  Passage of Time (Journeys) -
17/10/15 Saturday- 23/10/15 Friday  From the city of the Earthmovers -
9/10/15 Friday- 15/10/15 Thursday  FOUR -
4/9/15 Friday- 11/9/15 Friday  Patanjali's Journeys -
21/8/15 Friday- 28/8/15 Friday  The Wonders of Everyday Life -
17/7/15 Friday- 25/7/15 Saturday  Series I- Feminine Energy -
26/6/15 Friday - 2/7/2015 Thursday  A Big Indian Story -
20/6/15 Saturday - 25/6/15 Thursday  Reel Art -
29/5/2015 Friday - 4/6/2015 Thursday  Dandi Yatra- Photography Exhibition -
17/4/2015 Friday – 28/4/2015 Tuesday  Addiction - An art exhibition -
3/4/15 Friday to 9/4/15 Thursday  Evolution to Involution -
27th March - 2nd April 15  Passages -
20/3/15 Friday  The Water Bearers -
6/2/15 - Friday  Mindscapes – Art exhibition by Ann Delorme -
12/12/14 - Friday  Rock Metal Dhokra -
05/12/14 - Friday to 11/12/14 - Thursday  Amble – Art exhibition by Ishita Dharap -
08/11/14 - Saturday to 15/11/14 - Saturday  The Unbridled Spirit -
20/09/14 - Saturday  A Life Well Lived – A ceramic art exhibition -
06/09/14 - Saturday  Masks Beneath Masks -
28/06/2014 - Saturday  Two Offerings -
24 /05/ 2014 - Saturday  Green Grandeur -
12 / 04 / 2014 - Saturday  Art exhibition by Rajendra Poudel -
29/ 03 / 2014 - Saturday  On The Wings Of Freedom -
23 / 1 / 2014 - Thursday  The Art Of The Poet -


Day & DateTitleOther Details
03/03/2019 Saturday  Knife Painting Masterclass In association with Artyfacts
09/02/2019 Saturday  The Magic of One - Session 5 Two sessions to go!
02/02/2019 Saturday  The Magic of One - Session 4 34 little actors, 34 scripts!
19/01/2019 Saturday  The Magic of One - Session 3 Time for scripts
12/01/2019 Saturday  The Magic of One - Session 2 Two down, four to go!
05/01/2019 Saturday  The Magic of One - Session 1 Theatre for the gifted child
13/10/2018 Saturday  The Children's Theatre Programme- Session 9 Time to rehearse, perfect and explore
15/09/2018 Saturday  The Children's Theatre Programme- Session 5 One step closer to performance day!
08/09/2018 Saturday  Gift Box Making Workshop Conducted by Manjiri Gupta
08/09/2018 Saturday  The Children's Theatre Programme- Session 4 Script reading and rehearsals
01/09/2018 Saturday  The Children's Theatre Programme- Session 3 Going full swing with script readings and understanding character
25/08/2018 Saturday  The Children's Theatre Programme- Session 2 A session about understanding characters
18/08/2018 Saturday  The Children's Theatre Programme- Session 1 The start of The Squiggly in the Pond & The Wish That Ran Away
17/06/2018 Sunday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 15 Two more sessions till a full dress rehearsal
16/06/2018 Saturday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 14 Two more sessions till a full dress rehearsal
10/06/2018 Sunday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 13 Four more to go!
9/06/2018 Saturday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 12 Time for full run-through!
3/06/2018 Sunday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 11 What happens to the dreamers in the end?
2/06/2018 Saturday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 10 Seven more sessions to the big day!
31/05/2018 Thursday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 9 Our little dreamers were introduced to the entire script
29/05/2018 Tuesday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 8 Half of the sessions done, and a long way to go!
26/05/2018 Saturday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 7 A step towards progress for all our dreamers!
24/05/2018 Thursday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 6 Script reading and dance in full swing!
22/05/2018 Tuesday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 5 Getting closer and closer to our vision
19/05/2018 Saturday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 4 This session had a little surprise in store for our kids!
17/05/2018 Thursday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 3 Workshop and rehearsals for little dreamers
15/05/2018 Tuesday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 2 Preparation for a play with an all child cast
12/05/2018 Saturday  The Dream That Changed The World- Session 1 An introductory session for our little dreamers
27/01/2018 Saturday  The Theatre Arts Workshop- Session 3 One step closer!
20/01/2018 Saturday  The Theatre Arts Workshop- Session 2 The power of voice
09/12/2017 Saturday  Travel Writing Course Conducted by award-winning author, Mr. Randhir Khare
25/11/2017 Saturday   History of Music Presented by Santanu Datta
24/11/2017 Friday  Chhau Mask Making Workshop In association with Heart for Art
28/10/2017 Saturday  Decoupage In association with We The Artists India
07/10/2017 Saturday  Meira An arts based lamp making workshop
16/09/2017 Saturday  Cherial Mask Workshop In association with Heart for Art
10/09/2017 Sunday  The Fairytale Project Next up, the final production!
19/08/2017 Saturday  Travel Writing Course For the travel enthusiast and writer in you.
20/08/2017 Sunday  The Fairytale Project Session Six!
05/08/2017 Sunday  The Fairytale Project Creating little thespians
30/07/2017 Sunday  The Fairytale Project Four down, four more to go!
22/07/2017 Saturday  Terrarium Workshop In association with We The Artists
16/07/2017 Sunday  The Fairytale Project Two down, six to go!
09/07/2017 Sunday  The Fairytale Project A dramatic experience for your kids
01/07/2017 Saturday  Bidri Metalcraft Workshop In association with Heart for Art
17/06/2017 Saturday  Umbrella Painting Workshop In association with We The Artists
07/05/2017 Sunday  Slam Poetry Workshop By Shantanu Anand
03/06/2017 Saturday  Slam Poetry Workshop In association with Airplane Poetry Movement
20/05/2017 Saturday  Pueblo Pottery Painting Workshop Conducted by Poorva
15/04/2017 Saturday  Longpii Pottery Workshop Conducted by Wungshungmi Shangrei
08/04/2017 Saturday  Mosaic Workshop Conducted by Rajashree Dadarkar
20/01/2017 Friday  Khavda Pottery Workshop Conducted by : Kumbhar Abdula Ibrahim & Rahima Ben (Freedom Way)
28/01/2017 Saturday  Water Colour Workshop Conducted by : Rajendra Poudel (Freedom Way)
21/01/2017 Saturday  Collage For Children Conducted by : Chetana Sudame (Freedom Way)
14/01/2017 Saturday  Collo Painting Workshop Conducted by : Tribeni Devi (Freedom Way)
7/01/2017 Saturday  Clay Modelling Workshop Conducted by : Flavius Pisapia (Freedom Way)
11/11/2016 Friday  Madhubani Painting Workshop Conducted by : Vidyanath Jha & KrishnaKumar Jha
01/07/2016 Friday  Mural Magic Conducted by : Tribeni Devi
01/07/2016 Friday  Making Chau Masks -
22/06/2016 Wednesday  Visions & Voices' Workshop -
22/4/2016 Friday  Gond Paintings Workshop -
4/2/2016 Thursday  Conversational Sanskrit Classes -
29/1/2016 Friday  Bengal Paintings' Workshop -
9/1/2016 Saturday  Introduction to Meditative Art -
7/1/2016 Thursday - 8/1/2016 Friday  Art workshop by Ishita Dharap -
2/5/2015 Saturday  Classical music listening session -
25/4/2015 Saturday and 26/4/2015 Sunday  Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing -
21/4/2015 - Tuesday  A Magical Day with Roald Dahl -
18/4/2015 - Saturday  Hindustani Classical Music Workshop by Pushkar Lele -
21/2/15 - Saturday  Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing Workshop -
30/1/15 - Friday  Therapeutic Value of Art Exhibition – The Finale -
17/1/15 - Saturday to 31/1/15 - Saturday  The Therapeutic Value of Art at Gyaan Adab -
27/09/14 - Saturday  Your image, our focus - a one day photography workshop -
06 / 05 / 2014 - Tuesday to 10 /05 / 2014 - Saturday  The Stones Workshop Age group: 6 – 9 yrs.
27 / 04 / 2014 - Sunday  Art Hop at Gyaan Adab Centre -