23rd April 2016, Saturday

 It was indeed a memorable evening of Urdu poetry featuring the works of some of the most highly-regarded poets of the Urdu language – Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Noon Meem Rashid and Habib Jalib – presented by the most lovely poet Huzaifa Pandit. His presentation showcased modern Urdu poetry in original and translation, and effectively had the audience in applause. He later also read his own work. The evening also had the talented Deepti G Gujar who sang melodious ghazals by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Mirza Ghalib and other famous poets.

About the Poet-Presenter: Huzaifa Pandit is pursuing a PhD on Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Agha Shahid Ali at Kashmir University. His papers, poems, and book reviews have been published in journals such as Kashmir Lit, Yashashree, LuxembourgReview, Indian Literature, Papercuts and Miraas. He is fond of Hindustani classical music and Urdu literature.

About the Singer: Deepti G Gujar was trained in playback singing in her early years by her father and later began training in Hindustani classical music in the Gwalior gharana. She has a background in computer engineering and has worked in IT for 7 years before turning into a full time healer, doing dance movement therapy and past life regression, as well as writing.

The video link for this programme:

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