An evening with RAHGIR – The Traveling Bard


On a pleasant Saturday evening, Gyaan Adab hosted a heart-warming evening of soulful folksy acoustic music and gripping storytelling with Rahgir, a man of many talents. Rahgir whose real name is Sunil Kumar Gurjar is a singer/ songwriter and traveling poet who took the audience on a journey with his music and a storytelling session. This was followed by the launch of his first book ‘Aahil’ and a discussion with the audiences. The book is inspired from his personal experiences, from his childhood, upbringing and from his time on the road as a wandering musician and poet.


There are two kinds of people in this world, those who walk a path to reach somewhere and those who walk a path to reach anywhere, just to escape the present. Aahil was both. He knew that he was heading to a place where he would be able to live with peace but, he also knew that there was no such place in the world. He was introduced to hatred and dreams about the same time in childhood, and when hatred and dreams are together in someone’s life, his story can never be ordinary.

Date: Sat, 6th Apr 2019
Time: 6 PM
Donation Pass: Rs.5O

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