A LIFE Well Lived – A ceramic art exhibition

lilly2In the marshy swamps, with the rising sun
Blooms the LILY.
With its humble beginnings
The LILY is pure PRISTINE and perfect
Graceful in its divinity.
It is the flower of day n light, truth n virtue.
As the day wanes it falls and dies
Encompassing an entire life.
– Ruby Jhunjhunwala


Gyaan Adab inaugurated acclaimed ceramic artist Ruby Jhunjhunwala’s exhibition on the theme of LILIES on Saturday, September 20, 2014. The artist’s work has captured the short but meaningful life of the flowers and mirrored its beauty amidst harsh surroundings though her art. Ruby’s journey with clay started in 1972 with the world renowned Ceramic Artist DANIEL RHODES, in Alfred, USA, followed by a year of training in Delhi Blue Pottery under renowned studio Potters Late Gurcharan Singhji and Mansimran Singh. At present she leads the ADIPA team both in designing and executing murals.
After the opening Ruby Jhunjhunwala gave a talk on ‘Ceramic in Art and Industry’ while tracing the importance of the 10,000 year old craft in preserving the history of the evolution of mankind.
About her personal journey as a potter Ruby said, “I started with the wheel, the challenge then was to throw 100 mugs a day. Today I look at a vast surface and I instantly visualize a ceramic mural on it. The 4 elements – earth, fire, water and air take over my creativity and from a space of oneness flows a ceramic mural encompassing the clients theme and my ‘being’ as an artist. I am only a simple instrument bringing some order to the chaos created when the ‘Elements’ mingle.”
After a small introduction to studio pottery and the various techniques used in molding clay by the artist, the audience was invited to play with clay and let their creativity flow. The result was an interesting mix of work.

Nityaasha Foundation