Workshop at SKF

28th June 2015, Sunday

Gyaan Adab has now extended its hand towards growth recall practices in corporates. On June 28th, 2015 Mr. Randhir Khare (Director, Gyaan Adab) held a guided workshop called ‘my journey’ for 22 management trainees who had completed their very first year at SKF. Through several exercises and tasks this workshop was an attempt to refine and polish the fresh trainees and to make them able to express themselves with more confidence and affirmativeness. At the end of the nine hour session which started from morning 11 am and ended by 8 pm, the management trainees started reviewing their personal and professional journey in a constructive way. During this process they relived their journey, highlighted the milestones and turning points and also talked about their essential experiences and learnings.

The workshop was divided into 4 phases.

Phase 1: 120 minutes

Preparation: Participants were introduced to a variety of self-expression exercises and games. The aim was to encourage them to be relaxed and comfortable with themselves in the group.

Phase 2: 120 minutes

Journey Begins: As individuals and in groups participants were taken through the early stage of their journey and encouraged to talk and write about their perceptions and expectations. The aim is to help them relive essential experiences that express personal and professional goals.

Phase 3: 120 minutes

Participants worked in pairs to create each other’s stories, highlighting the milestones and turning points. They developed each other’s story into a simple but engaging narrative. The aim here was to encourage shared experience and the making of a story.

Phase 4: 120 minutes

Each participant told another participants story with expression and conviction. The participant whose story has been told, added in their own words a conclusive description of one memorable event or experience in their journey.

The entire workshop was conducted using interactive techniques, games, exercises etc. Growth Recall Practice was devised by Prof.Randhir Khare who has three decades of experience in leadership training, motivational counselling and community development. It is a method by which an individual can focus on inherent strengths and reinforce proactive attitudes which will help in future growth.