Waiting For Naseer

18th June 2016, Saturday


Gyaan Adab in association with Tamaasha Theatre presented WAITING FOR NASEER (Directed by Sapan Saran) to a roaring applause and a great crowd on this Saturday evening. The synopsis of the play went something along the lines of the following:

"Two actors meet at the Prithvi theatre cafe to catch a show of their favourite actor Naseeruddin Shah's new play. They are dead. And, only one of them is entitled to a ticket. They argue, they compete, they laugh, they cry, they act, they become friends, they hope, they experience silence - all this - while they “wait”. An actor knows how to wait, like no one else does - all he desires are his moments on stage. In those moments he finds the ability to smile at his ephemeral existence."

The play was a celebration of theatre, of acting, of passion and of life itself … ironically it was being celebrated by two dead men. Waiting For Naseer had opened at Prithvi House on 20th and 21st February ‘16 and was received with overwhelming enthusiasm by the audience.

ABOUT TAMAASHA: Co-founded by Sunil Shanbag and Sapan Saran, Tamaasha is an exciting theatre company that looks to explore new texts, new ideas, new talent, and new venues for performance. They also engage with a wider idea of theatre through initiatives such as Theatre Jams, and Reading Theatre, a series of readings of milestone Indian theatre texts. Tamaasha has had two productions to date- ‘Marriage-ology’ and ‘Blank Page’. Both have emerged from a desire to create idea-driven work.

The video link for the same will be put up shortly!