Toasting the New

 19th to 22nd July, 2016

The Iranian Fringe Film Festival was hosted here at the Centre.  A series of unusual films of mixed genres were screened which grapple with individual and family psychology.  Each day, the Centre was flocked with film buffs who thoroughly enjoyed the festival. These films were part of 'A Festival Of Films' that the Pune International Centre had partnered with NFAI and Iranian Independents in, earlier this month in the city.


The Festival was inaugurated on 19th July, 2016. The list of films screened were: -

Day 1 -The Bright Day was a story of a kindergarten teacher and her driver who six hours to track down witnesses willing to testify in court to save a man's life.

Day 2- No Entry For Men was a comedy that had the audience in splits. The film was about the experience of a male teacher who is hired for the first time in an all girls' school. A hilarious battle of the sexes ensues.

Day 3-  I’m Not Angry was a fast-paced narrative of a student named Navid who is expelled from the university. He tries not to get angry when faced with the immoralities prevalent in society, and does all he can not to lose his love, Setareh.

Day 4-  The Paternal House portrayed the story begins in 1929 and leads up to 1996, as the tragedy of an honour killing won't let one family rest for multiple generations.

Day 1 - Screening of 'The Bright Day'


Mr. Randhir Khare inaugrating the Iranian Fringe Film Festival


Iranian Music Videos screened prior to the Films.





Day 4- Screening of The Paternal House