The World of Munshi Premchand

31st July 2015, Friday


Gyaan Adab celebrated the genius of Munshi Premchand this evening, via an audio-video presentation and the cinematic narrative of his two famous short stories, Kaffan and Boodhi Kaki.

Purvi introduced the author in chaste Hindi with the help of the presentation. The films that followed were very well directed by Gulzar and enacted by the lead characters with naturalness. The stories aptly reflect the stark  raw cruel face of poverty, and degradation of  inhuman behaviour driven by selfish greed.

A pioneer of modern Hindi and Urdu fiction, Munshi Premchand was the first Hindi author to introduce realism in his writings. By pioneering a new form of writing- fiction with a social purpose- he believed literature was a powerful means of educating public opinion. In a way, the reader himself becomes a part of Premchand's stories, for all his fictional characters are real. They are living and breathing. Not just, blank ink on white paper.




Those present were treated to two of Premchand's stories on screen- Kaffan and Boodhi Kaki.


Purvi speaks about the magic of Premchand and his words.

Purvi speaks about the magic of Premchand and his words.