The many shades of love

8th August 2015, Saturday

 It was a lively face-off of ideas, reflections and readings, as a free-wheeling discussion took place here at the Centre on Saturday. Siddarth Dasgupta and Shilpa Gupta, moderated by Pervin Saket, brought to the evening the themes and concerns of their novels, in an event aptly called 'The Many Shades of Love.'

They explored themes like love, sexuality, attachment, self-discovery and the past. Pervin Saket brought the most perfect charm to the evening, as he spoke with the two authors about the formation of their novels, their respective struggles to bring it out in the world and what it takes to become a writer. The evening concluded as Shilpa Gupta's debut novel Ananya: A Bittersweet Journey was launched here at the Centre, and the floor was thrown open to the audience.


Siddharth is a 33-year old Indian writer who fled a storied career in advertising for the warmth and potency of words. After more than a decade spent in foreign lands and after battling then vanquishing a particularly tumultuous brain tumor, he promptly set about putting pen to paper. He writes regularly on travel and lifestyle for a gamut of global publications. Shilpa holds a post-graduate degree in management from IIM Ahmedabad. Apart from mathematics and finance, her interests lie in meditation, writing, painting and travel. While she has many published financial research papers to her credit, this novel marks her debut into the world of fiction.