The Magic of A Flute (Journeys)

6th December 2015, Sunday

This incredible performance was followed by a treat to the ears of the audience. Renowned flute player Milind Date took time off his busy schedule and narrated his journey as a musician through his music. He was accompanied by Ganesh Thanode on the Tabla. Mr. Date shared with the audience, his journey as a musician and also about the various chapters of his life that he acquired from his experience as well from all the performances he gave all across the world. He even jokingly told the audience that he chose to learn the flute since it was the cheapest instrument available then and that it costed merely five rupees back then. He also shared with the audience that through his journey, he was able to meet a lot of people from various cultures and learn about them. The amount of knowledge and education that his journey till date has provided him, he said was his prized possession.

This was followed by the last bits of the closing ceremony. Each of the audience had a lit candle in their hand, as Mr. Randhir Khare addressed them during the vote of thanks. The three day long festival of art, literature, music and fun ended on a very happy note. All those gathered there left with satisfaction and content on their faces.