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Gyaan Adab


The Book Club


The Book Club this month met to discuss Rafia Zakaria's The Upstairs Wife.

'The Upstairs Wife', published in 2015, is a recounted tale from the perspective of the the main character's niece and her being privy to the situation of her unhappy marriage and her husband taking on a second wife. The book brings in the conceptions about polygamy in Pakistan, as well as the subjects of depression, domestic unhappiness and distinctive differences between dreams and reality.

The discussion was led by Mukul Ahmed where Pakistan's socio-political landscape was spoken of in detail. The narrative of the book frequently touches upon the history of Karachi -- a city where many women lead unhappy domestic lives.

The discussion was followed by a Q&A session.


Date: Wednesday,30th September

Time: 6.15 PM

Entry: FREE