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On the evening of 28th March, well into the summer, with the sweltering heat just mellowing down towards the evening and a gentle breeze making its way, patrons stepped into Gyaan Adab for a session of The Book Club Pune.

The highlight of this session was that three of the Book Club members themselves had written books that were under discussion:

Perched on the Periphery - Jharna Bannerjee

The social cognition of the loss of a spouse is a subject often unspoken of in India, and this novel, published in 2011, opens up a basket of various subjects to play off this. Life in your dotage, the contribution of family dynamics and, rather controversially, the development of a relationship between two widowed individuals are just a couple of the scenarios that 'Perched on the Periphery' looks into.

Sesh Rao Damerla - Tania's Treasure Trove

Published in 2017, 'Tania's Treasure Trove' deals with the modern day dilemma of the need to preserve one's ethnicity when migrating to another country and region. The question of assimilation or adaptation into another country's cultural scene as an immigrant is a loaded one, and is beautifully unraveled in this story of discovery and understanding.

DVR Rao - Through the Glass Ceiling

Written by DVR Rao, 'Through the Glass Ceiling' is a feel-good story about an Indian multinational company that beats out a bid by an American consortium to set up a billion-dollar power plant in the Phillippines. Written in 2018, this book speaks of a story filled with the intensity the corporate industry possesses.

Mrs. Mohini Khot, Mr. Gautam Idnani and Mukul Ahmed, who are all Book Club regulars, were the moderators of the discussion. They helped the audience gain a deeper insight into the lives, habits and methods of these writers, whilst also analyzing their writing and their books. The plot, the style of writing and other such particulars were brought under focus. The session was concluded with a Q&A session.

Date: Wednesday, 28th March
Time: 6.15 PM
Entry: FREE