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The Book Club


On a summery Wednesday evening, with the sweltering heat of the day just cooling down with a slight but constant breeze, ardent followers of the book club and many familiar faces started to trickle in for another session. This time the book under discussion was 'Yuganta' by Irawati Karve.

'Yuganta: The End of an Epoch' is a book published by the anthropologist Irawati Karve in 1969. It is the first of its kind as a critical analysis of the Mahabharata and was initially published in Marathi. It was later translated into English by Professor W. Norman Brown, a well known Indologist and Sanskritist.

A study of the Mahabharata, Karve proposes that the characters in the mythos were real, living individuals and attempts to analyse them in a historical context. Presenting the Mahabharata in a socio-cultural narrative, the book runs through various points which have been dismissed by historians before to disqualify the concrete origins of the Mahabharata.


Ahmad Karim was the presenter and speaker for the evening. He had an extremely meticulous approach towards the presentation and spoke in-depth about the book.

Date: Wednesday, 28th February

Time: 6:30 PM

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