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The Book Club


At the January edition of The Book Club, 'State of Freedom' by Neel Mukherjee was presented by Latika Padgaonkar.

Published in 2017, Neel Mukherjee's 'State of Freedom' is his second novel, that is one of interlinked stories that come together to provide a thought provoking commentary on the state of freedom. With five disconnected sections, Mukherjee is able to touch upon different perspectives and settings in modern India that lend a universal relatability the stories, as well as capture Indian visuals in a style of poetic naturalism that leaves much and nothing to the imagination.

Padgaonkar read out sections of the novel to elucidate the difference in the lives of the characters from various parts of the book. The characters vary from an expatriate Indian man and his American born son exploring the India the father would like to impart to his inattentive son, to a 'qalandar' with a bear on a leash who finds himself with an unexpected companion in the animal.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the session and had many questions for the facilitator.

Date: Wednesday, 31st January
Time: 6.15 PM
Entry: FREE