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The Book Club


This time around, the Book Club discussed Shashi Tharoor's Era of Darkness. Shashi Tharoor presents an indismissable argument about the adverse effect of the British invasion and colonization of India. With the skill he's used to presenting with vocally, Tharoor elucidates every aspect of colonization, along with touching upon subjects such as man-made famines, droughts, war, racism and the maladministration of the Indian sub-continent. He almost seems to seethe with his indignation at the atrocities committed by the East India Trading Company in India in the times of our occupation, and his criticisms are sharp barbed blows. 

He fixates upon their social and political efforts, including the widely condemned divide-and-rule policy. The presentation was led by Gautam Idnani where touched upon India's socio-political-economic scenario during the reign of the empire. Special attention was given to the de-industrialisation, the Indian railways, effect of the world wars on undivided India's population and more. India was one of the world's most active trading nations in the 16th and 17th centuries, but the British invasion led to a rapid and bleak decline in the trading efforts of India.

The coming in of British made goods, courtesy of their booming industrial revolution, also decimated the local and domestic markets, and was one of the nails in the coffin that became India's secular de-industrialisation. Along with this, the political scenario during the World Wars in which Britain participated had the Indian subcontinent turn out its soldiers for the British conquest. 

With a satisfactory turn out, the audience actively shared their opinion during the course of the event, interacting with other attendees and the speaker. This created an environment for a healthy debate. The discussion was facilitated by Satish Khot.

Date: Wednesday, 13th December
Time: 6.15 PM
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