Sounds of the Sufis (Journeys)

5th December 2015, Saturday

The highlight of the second day of Journeys (A Festival of the Arts) was the magical Sounds of the Sufis. It was a session that was magnificently set in a conversation between Priyanka and Anuraag. The programme went on such that the conversation ended up being a visit to someone who tells them stories about their history of sufism and all things musical.

Sounds of the Sufis, as an interactive performance, not just traces the historical evidences of the epic movement of love (Sufism), but also speaks earnestly of the lives of the performers through music and poetry. This provides for a never-seen-before connect established with the audiences, where the audience identifies with the performance at a deep level, bringing the800-year-old philosophy to life in the now.

The video for this session shall be put up shortly!