Sagun Nirgun

19th August, 2016

The atmosphere at the Centre was elevated as the beautiful voice of Shruthi Vishwanath created an engrossing experience when she performed abhangs from Gyaneshwar, Chokhamela and Muktabai among others and nirgun poetry from Kabir and Gorakhnath.

The voices of sagun and nirgun poets converged, as the poems intertwined, played and weaved into one another musically, contextually, and in spirit as they played across canvases of time, metre and language.

The lyrics illustrated these beautiful unions of thought and philosophy.

Shruthi Vishwanath sang the poetry of various sagun and nirgun poets.


The audience was lost in the beautiful compositions of Shruthi Vishwanath.




Nadia Sensharma introducing Shruthi Vishwanath.


The combination of the Tabla and the Sitar was perfect.