Peace Day

Wednesday, 21st December 2016

In this festival season, Gyaan Adab hosted its own Peace Day. At the event, the stage was made available to performers who had a talent to flaunt.
The evening witnessed a potpourri of performances ranging from poetry recitation to beat-boxing.

The performers for the evening were:

  1. Maitreya Yeshwant-- played soulful tracks with his electric guitar.
  2. Manoj Kumar Bains-- Took us through the world of beat boxing.
  3. Jasmin Uttamchandani-- Poetry recitation and narration of an interesting true life story.

4. Niteesh Jangid-- Poetry recitation where he gave his own spin to popular songs from Bollywood's golden era

  1. Nivedita and Niharika Desai-- These young musicians enthralled the audience with their violin performance
  2. Sudipta Muherjee—Performed Rabindra Sangeet
  3. Satish Khot—our managing committee member read out a poem on peace
  4. Dr. Sumit—an Urdu literature enthusiast, he read out poems resonating with the idea of peace.
  5. Sudha Menon—A popular author, she spoke her mind about the need for events such as Peace Day
  6. Mr. Kapoor—A Dignity Foundation member, he enlightened the audience about his methods of seeking peace.


In addition, the members from the Gyaan Adab team too showcased their talent:

Nadia Sen Sharma (Poetry recitation), Jitendra Maid and Nilofer Tyrewala (Singing) and Alakananda Chatterjee (Dance).

Maitreya Yeshwant played 'Thunderbird' on his electric guitar.

Alakananda Chatterjee performed a contemporary dance.