New Blood

Saturday, 18th February 2017

The three writers - Vandana Arora, R.B. Mage and Mahevash Shaikh took us all on an exciting journey into the worlds of their recent works. The writers introduced their works to the audience through a multimedia presentation and by a reading of few excerpts from their books.

The first writer, R.B. Mage is a passionate storyteller who is an encyclopedia of mythological facts and legends. The Bagheera Chronicles: The Tiger King is a work of fantasy fiction which tells the tale of a lonely Prince, a vivacious Witch and an ancient Curse.

The second writer, Mahevash Shaikh is a content writer who uses words and pictures to express herself and redefine the word “normal”. Busting Clichés is her first book. It takes apart commonly misunderstood clichés through cartoons, popular music references and personal experiences of famous and not-so-famous folks.

The last but not the least, Vandana Arora is a deeply reflective and versatile poet, writer, translator and educator with several books to her credit – including Storm to Serenity, Poised Peace and A Beginning – एक आग़ाज़. Inspired by Nature, her poetry is rich with lyrical insights.

Books on display- The Bagheera Chronicles, Busting Clichés & Storm to Serenity.

R.B. Mage - writer of fantasy fiction novel - The Bagheera Chronicles.

Mahevash Shaikh writer of Busting Clichés.

Vandana Arora - poet. Storm to Serenity is her volume of poems.

The writers sit down for a discussion with Randhir Khare.