My Daughter’s Mum

Gyaan Adab


A reading and discussion on

Natasha Badhwar's Memoir

My Daughter's Mum


This event was a reading and discussion of Natasha Badhwar's memoir, My Daughter's Mum. The event began with a welcome speech by Gyaan Adab's director, Randhir Khare. This was followed by a Q&A and conversation between Archna Pai Kulkarni and the author. Having led a colorful life as a journalist, a media-trainer, an independent filmmaker, a mother of three daughters and as a wife, Natasha had a many insightful answers in response to Archna's questions that plunged into topics such as marriage, parenting, faith and selfhood.

The women in the audience especially appreciated the event as they could relate with the author's answers to a great extent.

Date: Friday, 8th June
Time: 6.30 PM