Khavda Pottery Workshop

Friday, 20th January 2017

The tradition of Khavda Terracotta Hand Painted Pottery is solely kept alive by Master Potter Kumbhar Abdula Ibrahim and his family who live and work in Khavda, northern Kutch.

Using 'Rann ka mitti' from a nearby lake, the potter shapes his creation on a wheel then leaves it to dry in the shade. Then Kumbhar women use red, black, and white clay-based paints to decorate the pottery before it is further dried in the sun and baked.

The workshop brought together many of those who are keen on learning the art of Khavda Pottery. The master potter Kumbhar Abdulla explained the process of making the pots and demonstrated it to the participants. A few participants gathered around the potter's wife, Rahima Ben who showed the audience how to paint the pots, while the others tried their hand at making the pots on the wheel.

This workshop was brought to you by HEART FOR ART.


Master Potter Kumbhar Abdula Ibrahim & Rahima Ben from Kutch.