Into The Blue Beyond

29th July 2015, Wednesday


As monsoon sets in the city, the impending scent of rains on the parched earth and budding romance near college gates isn’t far away. For the magic of monsoon and music is undeniable.

India’s first poetry-music band Mystic held its first performance at Gyaan Adab Centre on Wednesday, the 29th of July. The rains had blessed the city with just enough sprinkle, as the event unfolded in the evening. With Randhir Khare giving the vocals and text, Majid Aziz on guitar and Deepak Bhanuse on the flute, the evening was a haunting fusion of guitar and flute that took you on a much-needed journey into the high Himalayas.

The concert was brought out in three movements: Self, Memory and Divine. Each segment was preluded by an introduction by Randhir Khare. Deepak Bhanuse’s expertise meddled with Majid’s deft hand at the guitar charmed those present. At the same time, as the event unfolded, one could easily gather how Mr. Khare’s poems expertly revealed the spirit of the great mountains. It is not every day that one takes time from the trivialities of life to think about the importance of nature in our lives. But Mystic had us doing just that, and more.