In Search of Belonging

17th June 2015, Wednesday


Carrying a multicultural ancestry, Randhir Khare’s journey of self-discovery was presented to members of WIN-Pune here at Gyaan Adab Centre on 17th June, Wednesday.

WIN aims to provide a cultural opportunity for women from diverse foreign and Indian backgrounds, to meet and develop fellowship, participate in activities of mutual interest and to build bridges of friendship between countries, in a world without borders. At every gathering, WIN has a short presentation by one of their members to acquaint everyone with the culture/language/food etc. of their country. This year, their theme is sharing and caring.

Drawing on his lifelong multicultural experience, Randhir Khare talked about the importance of cultural inclusiveness in a world fraught by division and intolerance. He is the founder of the Living Heritage Movement that supports performers and practitioners of traditional forms. With the help of a multimedia presentation, he illustrated his work and life with a lively performance of folk song, poems and inspirational anecdotes. At one magical point, he had those present singing and humming along with him, as he sang and enacted a translated Bhil poem.


Tea and snacks were served to the gathering pre-event.

WIN members interact at Gyaan Adab.

Gyaan Adab's history portrayed through a presentation.

Mrs. Rita Raje concludes the programme.

Mrs. Rita Raje concludes the programme.

This year, WIN's theme is sharing and caring.