‘Dance on Film’ (AVAYAVA)

8th April 2016, Friday

Gyaan Adab witnessed a most lovely evening of ‘Dance on Film Screenings’ as a part of the 5th edition of the AVAYAVA - Contemporary Dance Festival. The screenings were followed by a Q & A round with the artist Swapnil Dagliya.

The short film programme presented were carefully selected films, curated by Swapnil Dagliya. They represented the reform and experiments in contemporary dance and dance on film techniques that are currently seen in the work of filmmakers and other artists/dancers.

The screening kicked off with Shreenath Muthlaya’s Padam and concluded with Koel Sen’s Madeeya/My Own. They consisted of short films from Portugal, Israel, Hungary, UK and Spain.

'AVAYAVA’ or 'अवयव' as a word in Sanskrit, defines a constituent part of the body, a time-span or a duration; all of which are essential elements to dance and the performing arts. Without time and space there would be no scope for movement. It is a contemporary dance festival organised in Pune, India, by Swapnil Dagliya and SPACE (Swapnil's Performing Arts & Contemporary Ensemble) in collaboration with other cultural organisations in the city of Pune.


Nadia Sensharma introduces the event.

Nadia Sensharma introduces the event.



The films varied in narrative and genre.





Swapnil Dagliya answers some questions.