Chocolate Fudge

March 19 2016, Saturday

CHOCOLATE FUDGE was a Hindi solo performance by Laxmi Birajdar that captured everyone's attention. The synopsis for the act can be found below:

When the urge to fudge during exams become a bit too tempting, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for her. She renders her philosophy on love, life, dreams and a world full of colour and pleasure. She loves chocolate fudge for a reason. But will that be enough for her to get away with whatever she wants? Maybe, maybe not!

It was a refreshing tale of youthful angst and daydreaming in a world filled with colour and pleasure ,when the heat of exams become unbearable and getaways are so necessary.

Concept by: Laxmi Birajdar and Ghanshyam Rahalkar.
Written and directed by: Ghanshyam Rahalkar


Laxmi Birajdar is a full-time theatre and film actor. She has trained under Pradeep Vaiddya’s acting and theatre training and presentation platform - Expression Lab in Pune. Laxmi has performed two Hindi solos, under his guidance and mentorship - Awaazein in 2013 and Chocolate Fudge.  She has also starred in Harshavardhan Kulkarni’s 2015 Hindi film Hunterrr and Shrihari Sathe’s Marathi film, Ek Hazaarachi Note and is currently working in yet another Alok Rajwade-directed Natak Company production - Binkaamache Samwad.

The video link: