Becoming A Writer

Friday, 9th September 2016

'Diverse voices and visions. Vibrant forms of expression.

Experiments with language.'

It was an exciting evening at the Centre as the six writers took the stage to give all of us glimpse of their creative writerly journey.

The event featured Ritu Monjori, Sudha Wadhwani, Divya Soundararajan, Mamta Karnani, Samrat Rahi and Shobhit Gaur..
Each forging an individual literary path through novels, short stories and essays.

These writers are a part of Gyaan Adab's Mentorship Programme.
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Six new voices launch their creative journey.

Q&A session with the audience.

Ritu Monjiri from Assam, reading her heart-rending short story.

Mamta Karnani from Kolkata, writes about everyday life with a humorous warmth in her anecdotal collection.

Samrat Rahi from Chattishgrah brings a refreshingly original novel with sensitive insights into the human psyche.

Sudha Wadhwani from Vientiane, Laos, involves the reader in the intensely tumultuous life of her character at crossroads with her first novel.

Divya Soundararajan from Tamil Nadu, writes about travelling and trekking.

Shobhit Gaur from New Delhi is in the process of writing a series of seminal essays.