Bare Bones

Gyaan Adab

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With Rasa Aur Drama


Bare Bones


Bare Bones a package of six short plays written and directed by Kamlesh Acharya on 28th April '18 at Gyaan Adab turned out to be a unique kind of experimental drama of a high standard.

Kamlesh's  unusual presentation of the six short plays, each barely lasting for 15 minutes  had done away with the normal stage props like microphones, loudspeakers, elaborate settings, costumes and make up for the actors . The title Bare Bones therefore signifies prominence given by the director   to   the main 'content' of the plays , the marrow of the bones as it were.

Consequently  the forceful dialogues hold the attention of the audience. Every word uttered by the actors carries serious import even in the comic scenes.

Date: Saturday, 28th April

Time: 7 PM

Donation pass: Rs. 200