An Addict: A Life Recovered (Journeys)

5th December 2015, Saturday

 What followed after lunch was the official book launch of AN ADDICT: A LIFE RECOVERED by Diya Sethi. The author's captivating voice explained her journey, her struggles as she spoke to Shilpa Gupta.

The video for the session shall be put up shortly!

Diya Sethi was born in New York City in 1974, into what may be described as a cocoon– adored and nurtured by two doting parents, and sheltered and protected by the umbrella of diplomatic life. She had it all – effortlessly intelligent, attractive and expertly trained in the art of conversation in the drawing rooms and at the dining tables of the rich and famous, the powerful and the privileged - she travelled the globe winning admirers and accolades for being just who she was, tailor made and fine-tuned for different people on different occasions…but she was never who she was. She was an impersonator, on the run from herself.  She was on the run from a child who had stumbled out of her cocoon and into a world where she had been cruelly rejected, ridiculed, hurt and humiliated; a world in which she found solace in addiction, primarily an addiction known as anorexia-bulimia.