All That Jazz (Journeys)

5th December 2015, Saturday

A grand performance by upcoming singer-songwriter Komal Kuwadekar, with Ashdin Bharucha on the guitar, David Mansey on the bass and Aubrey Dias on the keys is what followed Pankaj Sekhsaria's session on the Andaman & Nicobar islands. The songs were a mix of quite a few things. There was jazz, a little retro. Tidbits of everything musical was put together in a beautiful manner by the group.

Komal is an upcoming singer songwriter from Mumbai / London. Her soulful voice lends beautifully to the passionate music genres of Jazz, Blues, Soul and RnB creating just the right blend of classically beautiful and one-of-a-kind unique. She has a background in design and branding but her true passion has always been music since a young age. For the past couple of years she has been training classically and working on an album (to be released shortly) after being discovered by a music producer in Mumbai. Her personal style of singing and song-writing has been strongly influenced by the legends of Jazz, RnB and Soul, whilst still being true to her original self. This makes her sound refreshingly new and exciting with just the right touch of nostalgia. Her distinctive powerful voice with its deep smokiness to higher playful tones along with her innate talent will have you enthralled from the beginning, and along with 18Karat, take you to a time where Jazz and RnB in all its glory comes to life.

The video for this session shall be put up shortly!