Marcus Corbett Ensemble

Gyaan Adab

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Marcus Corbett Ensemble

In the heat of an early summer, Marcus Corbett Ensemble delighted us with a deep cool evening featuring Nitin Gaikwad (Tabla), Sanjay Upadhye (Violin), Pandit Ramakant Paranjape (Violin) and Marcus Corbett (Vocals & Guitar).

About The Artist

Marcus Corbett is a highly individual singer, acoustic guitarist and composer from Malborough, UK. He has been steadily gaining reputation for his esoteric, unique fusion of Indian Classical Music and British Folk.

'An artist with a unique blend of intricate acoustic guitar brilliance and a primal vocal delivery influenced by his years in India. A rare exotic jewel'.
– Sonja Kristina (Curved Air)

His new album, titled ‘Every Little Spirit’, which came out in December 2016, has been making waves and has garnered critical acclaim.

‘…the obvious warmth of Marcus Corbett….. His rich amalgamation of both British and Indian music’.
– Fiona Talkington on BBC R3 Late Junction on ‘Every Little Spirit’

Date – Friday, 7th April
Time – 07.00 PM
Donation Pass – Rs.100/-