Gyaan Adab’s inviting spaces and inclusive vision promise to put Pune on the world map of literary destinations. The novelty of being philanthropically funded from the neighbourhood means that this salon is here for a long time to come with full creative flexibility in programming that is responsive to the needs of its membership.

Vineeta Shetty,

Gyaan Adab Centre has that intimacy a writer/reader needs and what’s unbeatable is the grace and the respect one feels in the air, in the communication with the GA people and the presence of the most enigmatic Randhir Khare permeates the air adding the respect one needs to feel as a human being. I miss it the days i can’t go there and work on my novel and poems or just drop in to have coffee. Kudos!

Dipalle Parmar,

My first visit to Gyaan Adab ... Spent an enchanting evening transported to the mountains with paintings photographs and readings ... Such a gift to have a center like this right in our own community!

Manisha Gutman,

Gyaan Adab is like a dream come true to lovers of Art, Literature, Poetry, Drama and Music. Here there are myriad opportunities for the mind to develop and evolve to higher intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual levels. This concept of bringing people together to enjoy companionship, share different cultural activities, traditions, knowledge, wisdom and talents is awesome!

Gyaan Adab’s concept is much loftier and nobler than one could imagine, it not only caters to the privileged few but reaches out to all classes and communities of people, embraces all languages and seeks spiritual and intellectual upliftment of the under-privileged as well.

Only noble and unbiased minds can conceptualise a creative place such as Gyaan Adab.

Long live Gyaan Adab and success and good Luck all the way!

Shama Vijayan,