Gyaan Adab opens doors to all literature enthusiasts with a stimulating, recreational and creative arts space where people of all ages can read, interact and share the experience of literature through the arts- free from political and religious agendas, class or caste differences and activism of any kind. We believe in the power of literature and the creative experience to entertain, educate, sensitize, inspire and transform. This belief drives the essential spirit of all the programmes at the Centre. From book readings, discussions and talks to theatre, music and dance performances and a host of cross-genre events we aim at promoting new and emerging talent as well as established and respected voices, in the process exploring a wide range of themes. The medium is English, Urdu, Hindi and Marathi as well as other Indian languages, should an opportunity arise. Our well stocked library and comfortable reading room express the same intention. Art too has its place in our creative space and we feature gifted artists, making an effort to promote their work through sensitive presentations. These efforts are bolstered by workshops and courses, designed for different age groups and needs. Beyond the immediate agenda and the boundaries of the Centre, our ultimate goal is to promote Gyaan Ruchi, the Gyaan Adab’s effort to empower women who are beyond the social and economic edges of society through literature and the arts.