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Jaipur Literature Festival 2014

-By Salika Virji 17th of January me and a couple of friends were very excited to attend a festival of this caliber and we realised that there is a place for artistic people to get purely inspired by interesting personalities. We were very lucky to hear talks from fabulous people who had great substance and…
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On the wings of the wind

-By Randhir Khare The journeys that migratory birds undertake could be a few kilometres or a few thousand kilometres, regional or intercontinental. Some travel by day, guided by the slant of the sun whilst others by night, guided by the constellations. They brave difficult conditions to make it to their breeding or feeding grounds. ‘It…
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Jaipur Fest. – Mohini and Satish’s take!

- By Mohini Khot and Satish Khot Going to the JLF was the best decision ever! It was a wonderful experience. It was free! There were lots of other people around who were interested in the same intellectual feast as us! There was good food. There was good shopping to be done… right there! There…
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