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Take Your Time

“Whats on your mind?” she asked him in almost a whisper. “Nothing.” came the blunt reply, but only after a pause. “You know you can tell me anything.” she said and inched closer to him. “I want to. But it’s not that easy.” he said, not moving at all. He looked down dumbly at his…
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True Beauty

Have you seen the light of hope, In the eyes of the blind? Have you seen the smile of contentment, Upon the lips of poverty? Have you felt the tenderness of benevolence, In the palm of affluence? Have you felt the glow of sacrifice, In the heart afire with love? Have you known the trace…
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Wild Quest

If it were not for the incessant hooting of an owl would this night survive the shivers in its bark? The narrow song that breaks a branch leans closer to the ground of beliefs tearing up another moon crescent-ing to life. If it were not for the howl of a wolf baying into hearts that…
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