Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Freedom of Green

(Art Review :: Volume 9) There is a boldness in this series that expresses an inherent quest for freedom and a need to experiment. This is evident in the artist’s use of mediums, choice of themes and visual representations. The harmonious balance between the three effectively presents an organic work that at once integrates as…
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Soul Journey

(Art Review :: Volume 8) - A sculpture series by Flavius Pisapia. In this sculpture series, in painted metal and steel, the sculptor explores the journey of the soul as it moves through the seven evolutionary planets, reflecting their qualities and consciousness. Even though the soul takes on new inner shapes, remains in its essence……
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The Colour of Memory

(Art Review :: Volume 7) - The art of Tenaz Rao Tenaz Rao’s art is a curious mix of the simple and the profound, leaving the viewer feeling both vulnerable as well as inspired. Colour, form, texture and composition play together and create unforgettable visual narratives of human ‘departures’ and the ultimate primacy of Nature’s…
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