Team GA

Nadia Sen Sharma

– Head, Event Operations and Marketing
nadiaA compulsive drive to serve the community at large has lead Nadia to make effective contributions in leadership positions at the Agakhan Foundation, Jaycees and many such community development organisations. Her eye for detail and ability to lead teams reflects in her professional achievements spanning 18 years, in varying leadership positions in the service industry. Nadia believes, “Nothing is impossible” and “We can make it work”. A complete people’s person, Nadia is sensitive to others around.

Suruchi Singhania

– Associate, Library and programmes, Gyaan Adab Center
wsSuruchi, as the name suggests, takes a keen interest in all the activities at the Centre and extends her involvement wherever she is needed. Her friendly demeanour coupled with engaging communication skills makes her an effective player in our Programmes team and an encouraging facilitator for all those who use or visit the Gyaan Adab Library. These skills had been nurtured during the time when she was a teacher and were further honed by her innate openness and positive attitude. Her drive to learn and socially interact makes her a motivational part of the team and a welcome presence for all visitors.

Shekhar Ramiah

– Associate - Creatives, Gyaan Adab Centre
Shekhar specializes in creative efforts for public communications and marketing at Gyaan Adab. He works in close quarters with the Director & Creative Head to develop content for outreach. He is also engaged in creating social media and e-mail campaigns. Having worked in Marketing before, he brings effective inter-personal skills and excellent articulation to Gyaan Adab’s community contact efforts. He is passionate about literature, performance arts and music.He is Gyaan Adab’s ‘gentleman’, bringing a measure of dignified composure to life at work.


Jitendra Maid

–Asst.Coordinator – Gyaan Ruchi

Jitendra is at the forefront of this initiative – assisting in the development of learning modules, presenting sessions at various centres, networking with individual and agencies to build much needed resources, assisting in identifying and procuring library and reference books and scouting out spaces and communities for new centres.
He is a Commerce graduate and has studied Journalism from the University of Pune. He has been associated with the Centre for Co-operative Research in Social Sciences (CCRSS) since 1990 and has spent a major part of his life working for the betterment of native yet marginalized communities like the Parit, Vadar and Mang. He has written consistently for dailies like Sakal, Loksatta, Pudhari, Lokmat and various magazines.
Good natured and soft spoken person, Jitendra’s calm and composed demeanour brings out the best in his colleagues and those he works amongst.



– Office boy

A broad smile, endless energy and seeing a task to completion define our man Friday, Nitin. From effectively mixing sounds at our programmes to brewing hot cups of cappuccino, he can do it all.